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Todays Phishing Phone Call


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So here I am at home alone, doing my thing and the phone rings.  Thought it might be my wife checking up on the "honey do list" but it wasn't.

Nice enough fellow with a heavy Indian accent, telling me that he worked for the GoC Dept of Public Safety and that my computer had been hacked from someone in Mexico and that if I didn't do "exactly" what he told me to do, I could go to jail and the matter would be turned over to the RCMP who would be contacting me right after he hung up.

So I got up from my chair, went and unplugged my router, poured myself another glass of wine and was in for the long haul on this one....

Sat back down, laptop on my lap and played along.  He walked me through the process of how the Government of Canada was going to help fix the problem but needed "remote access" to my computer to aid in their investigation to stop these people in Mexico and as long as I helped, I wouldn't go to jail and the RCMP wouldn't need to be involved.

I explained that I didn't mean to visit those "questionable" websites and it was all a misunderstanding and if my wife ever found out, she would divorce me!  I pleaded for him not to call in the RCMP and I would do everything that he asked.

So while he carefully guided me through the process, he still insisted that I was not being compliant because he still couldn't access my computer and the RCMP would be called.  I told him I did everything on my computer that he told me to do and I didn't want any trouble.

Off for another glass of wine.......

Then after going over things a second and third time, he finally asks "Is your computer connected to the internet right now?"

me -  Well actually, it's not, you see, I unplugged my router at the beginning of our call because I knew you were a douche bag, so what do you think of that?

I just love it when people with an extremely heavy foreign accent try to use the "f-word" for effect...........    :rofl:

I even tried to wish him a Merry Christmas but by then he had hung up......


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I had a similar episode a couple of months ago but then it was apparently Microsoft support. He told me my computer had a virus on it that only "Microsoft" could remove and that I had to set it up so they could clean it over the internet.

When I asked him which computer (we have 6 counting all our laptops), he couldn't answer.

It went badly for him for the next 30 minutes.


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Good one! I generally never let the scammers off the hook by letting them know I am f-ing with them.

Never had anything so brazen as someone trying to get remote access like that. For telemarketing calls, I discovered that many of these call centers (likely based in India) do not give the caller the ability to hang up the phone. So they keep talking and talking until you finally give in or hang up.

A simple and fun game is to put them on speaker phone for the day. I will get the guy asking me to hang up the phone, and I respond that I tried to hang up and insist that he is the one not hanging up. Then the manager will come and ask me to hang up etc. etc. Ah...fun times!



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I had a call like that a while back... I was watching tv at the time... I decided I felt like being scammed... And decided that I would confuse the tv and the computer "ok click the start button" "the what?" "The start button" "you mean the menu button?" "Yes, now go to settings and click network" "I'm in settings, but there's no network option"

The first 10 minutes were me describing menus on the tv. Eventually when the woman on the phone got irritated, I "remembered" there was a computer upstairs, which involved several minutes shouting back and forth with my "wife" about where the computer was, what the password was, why it wouldn't turn on, etc.

Eventually I just couldn't contain the laughter and hung up on her.

Another time some folks trying to sell me a credit card called every day for a week... Eventually I relented and decided that I was interested in a credit card... Though I had some questions... Nearly a half hour later I had learned many wonderful things, including that these folks would warranty all purchases,  including online purchases, and if my hard drive crashed and I lost all the Internet pornograhpy bought with the card, it would be covered.

They never called back.