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Time To Dust Off Our M109???

Colin P

You are giving credit where credit is not due.  The fact that we still have Leopards is a fluke, not a planned move by the Armour Corps.  Even the CDS said that the Tank was gone, when he was promoting the MGS only a year ago.  The fact that the Leo's were kept as an interim vehicle until the MGS arrived really can not be as much of a planned move by the Armour Corps as you like to give them credit.  It was just a turn of fate that they are where they are today.  Hopefully the powers that be, which include the CDS, can see the error in their ways and bring back the Tank, and bring it back in bigger numbers. 
Damm it George, I finally thought I found something that showed the military as forward thinking and making sure they were ready and now you burst my bubble by telling me it’s blind dumb luck, sheeeshh!!!!  :crybaby:
hindsight = 20/20

forethought ??? :blotto:  ???