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The Rules

Mike Bobbitt

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This forum allows users to share forums, documents, checklists etc that they have created or found useful, so that others may benefit from their work and save duplication of effort. However, there are some ground rules that must be observed:

  • Where possible, upload documents in an editable format (such as Microsoft Word) so that others can modify it to suit their needs.
  • If you did not create the document, please give credit to the original author.
  • Please do not upload out of date documents.
  • Please do not upload documents that are under copyright from another source.
  • Do not upload any document that contains classified, designated or otherwise sensitive information.
  • Please include a description of your document, it's intended purposes, and any special instructions.
  • The owner of the document remains unchanged, but that owner grants permission to Army.ca to distribute the document by posting it here.
  • Documents that do not meet these criteria will be deleted.

Please also note: Just because a document is here doesn't mean it's current or correct in any way. Different organizations have different ways of doing things, so a document from the RCR may be useless for a member of the PPCLI.

To upload a document, simply start a new thread. (Or, if there is an existing thread that is of a similar nature, add a reply to it.) Under the full post/reply form, click on the "Additional Options..." link below the text box. This will allow you to attach the document(s) in question. Currently, you can include up to 4 200k documents, though this limit may be raised if required.

Thanks for your contributions!