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The Military Police [MP] Superthread

Thanks. That answers my question perfectly. One can always build an immensely respectable career either way.

**ALSO - Does anyone know how long the process roughly takes to go from a NCM to an Officer status in the Infantry Reg. Force (Once I finish my degree)?

challenge-driven said:
Thanks. That answers my question perfectly. One can always build an immensely respectable career either way.

**ALSO - Does anyone know how long the process roughly takes to go from a NCM to an Officer status in the Infantry Reg. Force (Once I finish my degree)?


Depends on which route you take UTP-NCM/CEOTP/CFR  and no I will not elaborate on each, as you can find all applicable info by searching, or quelle suprise going to the CFRC and talking to them.

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I've been thinking of joining the CF as an MP. I want to be a police officer in Toronto eventually, and I think that going the MP route is the best possible route, simply because I can learn what its like, and serve the best damn country in the world in the process. :)  :cdn:

The route I'd like to take would be PRes MP, so that I can continue with the job I'm in now (security) and stay in Toronto. I understand that PRes MPs don't get the same experience as RegF MPs, but every piece of experience counts, right?

I have a few questions before I bother killing an afternoon on the TTC to go to the CFRC lol.

1) I've read on the CF Recruiting website that you need Police Foundations. This I do not have. HOWEVER. It also says they'll consider work related experience.

The company I work for offers many courses, including Use of Force, handcuffing, defence techniques, tactical baton (the only one in Toronto I've ever seen that offers that), advanced report writing, crime scene management, non violent crisis intervention, tactical communications, mobile patrolling etc etc. Personally, with all the courses and PLENTY of hands on experience (dealing with the public, arresting crack heads etc etc) I think that more than qualifies as experience on the same level as, if not better than, Police Foundations.

Do you think they will consider that as acceptable experience when applying, or will I still have to go back and do Police Foundations?

2) The MPs have...by far...the sickest freakin' uniform. Oh man. Mmmmm....black fatigues, black ballistic level 3 armour and a red beret...mmmm....

In regards to that,

While serving in the PRes, do MPs get the same uniform?

3) I can imagine that PRes MPs would have a lot less training than their RegF counterparts. However...

Is the training still conducted at the MP Academy, or is it more LHQ based?

4) I know its applicable for all MOCs, but I'm not too sure about MPs. I know theres a lot of specialty and advanced training courses for MPs...

Are the advanced/specialty courses available to Reservists?

Thank you in advance, ladies and gents! Any and all help would be appreciated.

Meathead Hopeful :)
OK, folks, lets stick to factual replies based on personal experience and skip the fashion commentary.

Milnet.ca Staff
Hi I was wondering if there's anyone out there that can walk me through on how to become an MPO through the ROTP program. I've been reading this post but I notice that the latest post date back to 2006. I'm already in the military as a reservist NCM but want to do a component transfer and I'm already in university. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
jann0:  talk to the folks at Director Military Careers Administration, who handle transfers from the ResF to RegF, including ROTP.

You can find them on the DIN; if you don't have access at your unit you can get it a recruiting centre.  The centre will also be able to help you find the right site to make an application.

I think I'll take a stab at this one and see if I can offer up some help.

Right now MP reservists do not need Police Foundations, but they have swung to requiring a High School diploma.

An MP Army reservist in LFCA typically does a different job than their regular force counterparts and often even different duties that many reservists in LFAA.  LFCA army MP reserves are currently field platoons that do no wear the black uniform (there are exceptions to the rule) but the green combats.  They do wear the red hat once they are qualified.  Their training is technically done through the army but takes place at the MP academy. 

The focus on army MP reservists from LFCA is training, training, and more training. And this training is not usually patrol duty training. There are contracts out there but they are usually in the security and administration side of the MP Branch.

There are opportunities for "advance courses" in policing but that is not to say they are common place or easy to get loaded on to.

There are many options open to the army reservists in LFCA that I have not mentioned as the list goes on, the best bet would be to call the reserve MP Platoon in Toronto and ask them some questions.

Hope that helped.
Hey! My name is Kaitlyn and I graduated from Police Foundations and I was looking to do either Civy Policing or become an MP, and yesterday I made my decision. MP OF COURSE!! I was wondering if people have any suggestions for the interview I will need to do or anything with Recruiting. Also, if you have general recommendations in any sense!

Thanks a lot!

Kaitlyn, if you go to the Military Police forum and use the search feature from there, you can see if there are any MP specific interview comments.

Note that when you use the search feature found on every forum page of the site, it will only search in the board you are presently in.  Use the main search page for more global searches.
Thanks for the advice Mike!  :nod:
And yeah, I have never been on ANY forum before, so I don't understand why people need to yell at me. Maybe it's because he is a crazy Newfie.

Do Reg force MP's only get posted to reg force bases? or can reg force MP's be assigned to reserve bases as well?
Reg Force MP are posted to Reg Force positions.  There are positions in locations where there are no large Reg Force bases, but smaller Area Support Units which have Reg Force personnel such as Chilliwack, London etc. 
bradlupa said:
Just some information for thoses that don't have a degree as of the new fiscal year it will not be need as i was informed.. Now the reason I'm saying this is that i orginally had MP on my list i was told that i couldn't do it because I didn't have a degree or diploma, then after i did my cfat i was told that i didn't need the diploma and if could still have it as a choice if i wanted.

Can anybody follow up to this? Do certain CFAT scores qualify you for more trades? I'd like to become a regular force MP but don't have a police foundations diploma or a degree.
Yes, CFAT scores directly affect which trades you are eligible to apply for BUT, unless you have the diploma, you will not qualify for MP, no matter what the score.  The Branch's plan to open the process to those without the diploma failed, so it is still a requirement.
Res MP who wish to transfer to the Reg Force must either have the diploma, or a recent tour in Afghanistan.
I wrote the CFAT today and qualified for all NCM trades and most officer trades. MP is what interests me most. I'll have to decide whether I want to go back to school or do a tour in Afghanistan.

How long are most tours? I don't know much about this.
It really depends to be honest.  The time frame most tours run is 6-9 months though.  Keep in mine the situation always changes, dates always change, tours always change, etc etc
Does anyone have a picture of the MP badge? I've looked everywhere for it but can't seem to find a picture anywhere.
ONT said:
Does anyone have a picture of the MP badge? I've looked everywhere for it but can't seem to find a picture anywhere.

Google: "canada military police badge"