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The Great Boot Review

Hot Lips said:
In my limited but painful experience with the issued Mark III boots I am happy to say that wearing my Magnums are like night and day.
I believe as previously mentioned that everyone has different footwear needs and an allowance would serve members well...as well as save many hours attending the MIR

This, I believe, is part of the problem.

For office/clerical/administrative positions, the issued boots are just fine. We need to realise that with good insoles, the Mk IIIs are sufficient for those who are not required to walk long distances with weight. All too often I find, sore footsies are remedied with a visit to the MIR when proper fit and break-in would have solved the problem in the first place.

I wear my Mk IIIs in Garrison, and like a great many others, switch to my expensive civvie boots in the field. Boots are tools, and you use different tools for different purposes.
I never wore Danners, but my work issues me the best boots I have ever worn, Meindls.


They also have a line of tactical boots.

MedTech said:

Yeah, they are.  But I didn't have to pay for them!  ;D

Edit to add: And my employer gets a discount.
So I got my converse desert boots, and love them...Extremely comfortable and sturdy pieces of footwear to date.

I'll have to see how they fare in Afghanistan.
RangerRay said:
Yeah, they are.  But I didn't have to pay for them!  ;D

Edit to add: And my employer gets a discount.

hahahah lukcy you!  ;D
I've looked around, did some research and even tried on both boots, walking around the store for an hour trying to decide which boot to go with.  I was wondering if anyone here has had experiences with BOTH boots.  I have a lot of long days of long distance marching coming up, and need a boot a little more comfortable than the GP.  In the store, both boots feel super comfortable and light.  I find that most pairs of anything feel awesome in the store.  Right now, the only thing pulling me in any direction is the look of the boot itself.  I don't like the little ankle cut on the Magnum, and I DO like the subtlety and regular look of the SWAT.  But I can't base this on looks.  Anyone that has put any of the boots through the rigors of marches and training with info would be muchly appreciated. 
2 pairs of SWATs lasted for mounted Ops overseas without a hiccup, thread still good and will probably use them for a second tour. Pair of SWATs I bought for Canada have started to wear, after about a year and change. I wear them everyday, and do a ruckmarch once a week with them. Never had an issue with ankle support, however they are a bit slippery in the winter if you're marching then.
From my experience I'd go with the SWATs. I've been wearing them for the last couple years and no issues at all, done a lot of marches, some dismounted patrolling and regular garrison an mounted stuff in them without any issues.  I started off with a pair of Magnums when I first got my chit and found the soft sole pretty bad when doing patrols, and rolled my ankles a couple times when doing a ruck march/patrol through the Meaford training area.
Been wearing Magnums in Garrison and the field with no issues since 05'. Wore Magnums in Afgh and they were great while mounted. Dismounted I found they didn't provide much in the way of insulation from the heat of the ground. Never have worn Swats yet.

I'm wearing the newest Magnums right now ... they're a bit too flashy for my liking, but I might actually crack and buy a set of Swats to give them a try.
I have both Swats and Magnums, for work (Magnum side zip, CSA safety boots), play (lace up Swats) and military (lace up Magnums). and don't find any difference between any of them, as far as comfort or wear.
Bought a pair of SWATs just prior to going on basic recce, and they were heaven-sent for all the running around we did. Fantastically light and great with a pair of those Superfeet insoles I picked up at Sportcheck. Only wrinkle is durability. Been wearing them steady for maybe 7 - 8 months and the sole is beginning to peel off. I'm gonna glue 'em back on and run 'em til the tread is gone, though. Great boots.
I last wore Magnums in 2007, and then it was only for about 6 or 7 weeks.  During that period, I went through two pairs due to piss poor stitching.  They provided mediocre ankle support, and the soft soles allowed just about every pebble upon which I trod to make its existence known.  Out of convenience, I switched to Swats and haven't looked back.

The ankle support is comparable to the Magnums, but the more hard soles provide me with a bit more comfort footborne cross country.  Both boots provide excellent breathability; however, I've only ever paired my Swat's with Neos.  For garrison use, for me, I see no real difference between the two: drill destroys boots.
I wear Haix AirPower P3 Boots, and they are definitly the best boots for military, especially infantry.


They are durable, offer a great ankle support, they are all goretex, and very, very comfortable. They are more expensive than Magnum or Swat, but really worth the price (around $230.00 in Canada). The downside is that if they get wet, it takes a while to dry if you don't wear them wet. (That's why I always have a set of goretex sox in my backpack)

I wear them since january, and tried them in swamps, sands and snow. Also, I did about 10 X 13k to 16k ruckmarches (sometimes ruck runs) with them and they still feel and look like they were new.
I wear Haix AirPower P3 Boots, and they are definitly the best boots for military, especially infantry.

A pretty bold claim, no?  Especially considering that you've only worn the boots for 5 months, and as a 26 year old 2lt who hasn't yet finished his phase training I'll bet your experience with other boots is probably rather limited...

Have you worn SWATs or Magnums? Meindls? LOWAs? Rockys?

Don't take it personally, but I'm suspicious of anyone claiming that any one boot is the best.
Best is only a matter of personal preference.  Both are decent boots and you won't go wrong with either.

The SWATs don't last very long with hard use.  Almost like sneakers in that they need replacing every 6 months or so.

In the end I switched back to my good old MK III's
Read somewhere that due to SWATs using EVO, if you use them everyday for 6-8 months then you have to change them as the EVO wears out and just stops absorbing shock.
Been in the cf 6 years and i was issued 2 sets of magnum stealths the orignal ones due to the fact i have side feet and my orthopedics dont fit at all in the CF issued boots.

On garison they are a awsome boot. Very light and the soles are very good on wet floors. The ankle support is not that great tho.I have the stealth 2 composite toe and i like these better. They are watter proof in 1-2" of water. the ankle support is very good. Ive been wearin these for a year and they are holding up. Use them on parade and at work.

Now as for SWATs i find the magnums have a better feel to them but the threads on the swat are more geared for the field. As they work well in loose dirt and hard packed. I found the magnums not as good as the swats. But then again i never realy had a problem with traction.

Only thing i dislike is the water proof is not as good say a gore tex boot.
I own a pair of each. Both desert, and I"m rotating each day with them. The Magnums, I just pick up at the PX here. But the SWATS I"ve had since May.

Only con on the SWATS, would be that is easy to slip on a garage floor.

As for the con on the Magnums, first day, the hurt my feet, but afterwards no problem. No problem about slipping, in fact the grips might be a little bigger than my other boots. I"ve trip over stairs with the heel of them. And no I wasn't drinking. It's the Elite Spider 8.0 model. Price was right, so I had to pick them up. $93.50!

Anyways, overall I find I prefer the SWATS, but both do just fine for the operation I"m about to go to.