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"The Glens" win 2009 Tartan Tug-of-War


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Cornwall Ontario's Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, "the Glens", emerged victorius at the 2009 Glengarry Highland Games Tartan Tug-of-War competition held yesterday in Maxville, ON.

In front of a hometown crowd, The Glens bested teams from the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa and Montréal's Royal Highland Regiment of Canada - The Black Watch - in a hard fought series of pulls.  The competition is open to all Canadian Army Highland and Scottish Regiments and the Second Battalion, The Irish Regiment.

After the final pull, a best 2 out-of 3 against the Black Watch, The Glens were presented the Tartan Cup, filled with Dewar's Scotch, by Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino.  However, the pulling wasn't yet over.

To honour the 100th anniversary of the O.P.P., the police fielded a large and powerful "T.O.W. Unit" to pull in a special challenge against a composite Army team.  In the end, the O.P.P. got to taste Dewar's from the Tartan Cup, having easily outmatched the Army Team.  All competitors then posed for photos in front to several thousand spectators.

A big "Well Done" to The Glens for defending thier title from last year and "congratulations!" to the O.P.P. for a century of service to Ontario.

Next year's Tartan Tug-of-War competition will be looking for an even wider field of kilted regiments.  Come one, come all to Maxville, for a fine Glengarry welcome.
Congrats to the team from the Black Watch, who improved from last place in 2008 to runners-up this year.
Sorry I missed all the fun  :piper:
We were thinking of going but didn't due to costs and we went to Durham Games last weekend.  Next year though, me family will be there with the 413 Pipes and Drums.../
Congrats to the Glens...
Gotcha.  I'll be the guy in the kilt!  ;D

Invitations were sent to the COs of each Highland and Scottish unit and the 2nd Irish.  It's unfortunate, but understandable, that other units chose not to participate. Given the time of year, Op/training tempo and distances involved for some (the C Scot R, for example), it's a hard sell.

Maybe next year! 
Haggis you're too humble.
We know the real reason why other regiments choose to skip the games.  ;)