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Sky Hooks and Shore Line

Pranks in April or beyond

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I know as a rookie signalman I've been sent on pointless errands. What are good April Fool Pranks within fair guide lines these days?
Oh, 'tried with success' is a fail due to being caught, yet allowing the act to catch others.

Well, the Sky Hook is the recovery system for the ScanEagle UAV and a shore line is a communications cable connecting a ship to the jetty while alongside, so I'd say reality is catching up to April fools' day.
I sent one guy out to grab an OSPF table from stores. Any computer geeks would know I was sending him after a unicorn, but this guy thought the anykey was an actual key. I think it was said new guy about arguing 15 minutes with the Supply Tech that made me let him in on the joke.
You there...go get the keys for the Pde Square.

(kit check before deploying to Kabul 2003) Where's your BFA? It's on the kit list!!!!
I just put this in another thread but will post here as well. 

Send young pup out for cleaner/solvent/lubricant.............. do one of two ways.
1. a never find it quest, where they are re-directed all over.

2.a need all these protective measures to use the product.

That product's name is always verbally given untill the last moment if they cant find it or such. 

It is called I-D-10-T or IDIOT

a Few more

Tapping the Lav with a hammer for hull integrity test is another one
Spark plugs for the ML/ LAV
BFA for the 25mm
Blank rounds for the Carl G/M72
Cadpat paint

to name a few there are many others

I fell for the whole "frequency oil" trick when I was a young whipper snapper..

Of course, in my defence, I was an english kid in a french unit and thought maybe there was a translation issue..

I walked around WTP for a good hour or so, visited every QM and eventually visiting CP 0 where a kind Captain told me I might have had my leg pulled.

And it wasn't even April Fool's day!!
A box of pogo points for putting on the maps
going to CQ so you can get a GIB for the LAV/Coyote  ( guy in back)
Or the 100 ft whip for the man pack. That confused the hell out of me on my first day.  :blotto:
I always liked sending new guys on a search to VM for a Bison reverse light....
Tuning leopard/APC track by tapping end connectors with a hammer to hear the pitch.
"Go get some blinker fluid for the AVLBs"
"Get a can of squelch from the sigs guy, and don't let him tell you there's no such thing, they just hate giving it out."
I got caught with "get a BFA for Carl Gustav, and don't come back without one."  I wandered around for 4 hours until a kindly gun plumber took pity on me and told me it didn't exist, so I went back to my room.  My sect commander was ready to chew me a new one, but I told him what I was told to do, and that I didn't come back without it, so I was following orders.  That was the beginning of my reputation as having a "BA".
    Karma struck me pretty hard as I was told to go get teflon tape from the QM. Not knowing anything about plumbing or the like I refused, even arguing that "if nothing sticks to teflon, how can they make tape out of it?!?" Was my face red when the storesman pulled out a roll of teflon tape and gave it to the now grinning Cpl in charge of me, I shouldn't have bet him a beer over it.  :eek:

  I once convinced a student to get 100M of coast-line which was specially treated metallic rope that resisted rust and was designed for use in areas with a high salt content in the air (hence COAST line). Don't know how I said it with a straight face but the student belived me. The resulting chewing out I got from the Line stores QM was worth it.  ;D

During an SQ course, post-grenade range, one student was sent from instructor to instructor looking for the grenade cleaning kit...

Another troop was sent (for several days) searching the training area for frequency oil a few years back... we all had a great laugh, found out several years later she'd just go out of sight and disapear into the bushes for several hours before returning empty handed...

Personally, spent some time jumping up and down on the back deck of an ML to check the shocks.

Can't believe there's been no mention of the infamous brass magnet yet.
Kat Stevens said:
I got caught with "get a BFA for Carl Gustav, and don't come back without one." 

A sharp QM will send the new guy back with the lid to a green jerrycan and the message that you owe him (the QM) a beer.