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I got a laminated stock SKS with 4 5/20 mags, stock 5/10 mag and a cut down 5 round hunting mag, leather German G3 sling, USGI tac vest outfitted special SKS ammo pouches that hold SKS clips in individual sleeves, 1100 Czech FMJ corrosive, 100 Russian SP non-corrosive, 15 Wincester 150gr SP, reloading dies for 7.62x39.  The SKS is dressed up with recoil buffer, Murray Gunsmithing spring loaded firing pin and spring, MOJO peep sight, metal perforated upper hand guard.  Original belt pouches (2), sling, upper hand guard with serial number matching gas chamber and oil bottle/cleaning tools.  $450 plus the shipping outside of NB. Pics to email.  The usual guvermint caveats WRT PAL apply.