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RCMP plans for own tent at Vancouver's nudist Wreck Beach proving unpopular


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Perhaps they just want to prevent drunken streakers from surging out of the beach during the long weekend?  ;D


Nudist Wreck Beach RCMP tent proves unpopular pitch in Vancouver


Regular nudist sun worshippers at Wreck Beach, Vancouver's only clothing-optional beach, are unhappy at police plans to pitch a tent on the sands every day between the Victoria Day long weekend and Labour Day.

One regular, who goes by the name Zeus and sometimes, The Prophet, told the CBC the idea goes against everything the beach stands for.

"The whole idea to come to the beach is to feel relaxed and comfortable and not feel uptight and feel like you're being watched, even though you're not doing anything,"  he said.

Normand Au Clair, owner of Stormin Norman's Shamanic Grill, said he plans to start a petition. "It's not a good idea because it's just going to create tension," said Au Clair.

But the police insist the tent is a positive move, designed to aid in safety and community relations.

Why would it create tension unless you were doing something you're not supposed to be doing?

My understanding is they are setting up there as the place has a large issue with drinking and drug use that have generated complaints.  Seems not everyone feels it is ok to be stupid while under the influence.

One of the naysayers even made the comment that they should stay away as when we need them we call them.  If this is true wouldn't it make more sense for them to be there already and prevent the need?
The ones that would like a police presence will not make the media....