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Question regarding Spectrum of Care


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So I have just over 10 years in the forces, and have always received cleanings either annually or every 6 months, with no issues.  I was always under the impression that it was actually required as a "parade".  So today, I was at the local dental unit having my dental DAG done, and was told that "my teeth look pretty clean, and I could use a cleaning but since they are backed up badly I should just get it done at my next unit" (I will be posted next APS)... I asked one of the hygienists/assistants on my way out whether or not it was included in the CF spectrum of care as an entitlement, and they laughed and said "umm, no".

I'm a little bit upset.  The dentist said I could use one, but since they are short staffed I'm not going to get one.  So I looked up the CF Spectrum of Care, and it says that:
CF members entitled to comprehensive dental care are eligible for Oral Health Care depending upon the availability of resources.
WTF?  So according to this, they could cut down the number of hygienists at each base in half, and then not do any cleanings or anything because they don't have the resources available?  I looked up a handful of civilian dental plans, and they all cover cleanings every 6-12 months (every 9 for the one the CF provides our families), and every dental association stresses how important regular cleanings are.

Now, I'm sure that if I went into the dental unit and raised a stink that they would book me a cleaning.  But that's not the point.  Can someone "in the know" let me know whether or not I am misunderstanding the regs?  I just can't believe that "we are too busy" is a valid excuse for not providing a health related service to a CF member (or providing any service in the CF really...).

Kingston has about a 2 month wait for hygiene appts. I was sent downtown to have a filling replaced that broke off, and the civvie place booked me 3 weeks later. Thankfully I wasn't in pain, but why do we even have dental sick parade at 0730 if nothing is going to get fixed then?
Hopefully a Dental Officer type will chime in.  However, the Dental standard follows a NATO standard and is to ensure that your teeth are "fit deployment".  As long as your dentition is in good repair and function, cosmesis (i.e. cleaning) is of secondary importance.  Certainly, annual cleaning is not an entitlement.
ArmyDoc said:
Certainly, annual cleaning is not an entitlement.

I'm not disputing the fact that the CF does not consider cleaning an entitlement, as it appears to be the case that they don't.  Instead, I am asking the question why?  I have always had my teeth cleaned at least annually my entire life, and always (until now) had the dentist tell me that it is a very important part of taking care of my teeth.  Is the CF just wiser than all the other organizations I googled that recommend cleaning at least annually?  My wife and daughter can get their teeth cleaned every 9 months, but I only can if the resources are available?  Just doesn't make sense to me, that's all...