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Peanut the turtle


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              Peanut's Story from The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is shared with provisions of The Copyright Act
Peanut's Story

This is Peanut the turtle. She was found in 1993 in Missouri and taken to a zoo in St. Louis where the six-pack ring was removed. Today she is in the care of the Missouri Department of Conservation, and is doing well. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about Peanut.

How did it happen?

When she was a small turtle, she got the ring stuck on her shell. She couldn't get it off, and over time, the majority of her shell grew, but the area around the ring did not. If this had happened to a fleshy animal like an otter, the animal probably would have died from an infection. Since Peanut's shell protected her body, she was able to live with it, though some of her organs don't function properly.

Will she always look like this?

Yes, her shell is hard and will not "pop" back to the round shape it should be.

What other kinds of litter harm animals?

You name it! If an item has any loops or openings it isn't difficult for an animal to get into trouble. The trapped animal often panics, making things worse. Since animals don't have the same dexterity like people do, it's difficult for them to get out of entanglements. Fishing line is another significant hazard, especially since it's often invisible. Entangled animals do not usually survive long; they either starve or are quickly eaten by predators.
Small plastic bits and cigarette filters also pose a hazard to wildlife. Animals usually can't tell the difference between litter and food, so they eat the litter, and choke or fill their bellies full of plastic and starve.

What can I do to keep this from happening again?

■Always cut up your six-pack rings
■Pick up litter
■Tell others not to litter
■Throw fishing line away properly
■Keep streets clean
■Clean up waterways with help from Adopt-a-River!

* Missouri Department of Conservation photo


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It's pretty sad to think the amount of our junk that ends up in the environment harming wildlife. Unfortunately the majority of people these days don't really pay attention to that, maybe a good old case of "Out of sight, out of mind". At least Peanut seems to be coping with it well enough, I've seen lots of picture of birds and small mammals who live very short painful lives after getting stuck in those pop rings (not sure if they have an actual name.) Thanks for the story 57Chevy.