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Ontario's new 'Street Racing' laws

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Piper said:
All you would be speeders out there use me as an example. It ain't worth it. Never was, but especially so now.

"Good judgment comes from experience.  Experience comes from bad judgment"

..............and I think the point has been made. With no need to continue we can shut this one down, with the usual caveats.
I have received an update from Piper that he would like posted. Here it is:

My court date has come and gone and I got my charge 'changed', esentially. Instead of being charged under HTA 172(1) (that new street racing act) I'll be getting a straight speeding ticket as if I got caught before HTA 172(1). So, it's a way smaller fine, no further suspension but still 6 demerit points. Lesson learned. Wouldn't say I got off lucky, but I think it's a fair turn of events....considering I have no priors and this law isn't targeting the people it was originally meant to (street racers). Personal opinions about this law aside, let my example stand as a lesson to everyone. Keep your speed down on the highways, lest you want to help fund your local towing company and the provincial coffers.   
Not open for further replies.