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Occupational transfer while at BMOQ


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I am currently participating in my BMOQ and was wondering what the procedure would be if I wanted to do an occupational transfer. My current trade is as an infantry officer,  but since starting here I've been strongly considering trying to enroll as a medical officer instead. What I was wondering is what the procedure would be to try and switch into that trade (if possible), and if not, about the option of voluntarily releasing in order to pursue medical school on my own with the aim of rejoining the forces after its completion.

Thank you for your time,

Hi OfficerCadet,

You would need to be accepted into medical school, before you would be able to enter the trade, from what I understand. If you are seriously considering being a medical officer I would strongly recommend you take advantage of the MOTP program, where the military covers tuition, textbooks and you get 2nd Lt pay while in school. It sure beats going it on your own. If someone who has experience with this could comment, I am curious to know. The only thing that also comes to mind is I heard if you voluntarily release, then when you reapply to the military there is a 6 month wait time or something. Don't rush your decision and make sure to get all the facts before deciding.