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MPO Interview ?


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I’m applying to ROTP for aerospace control officer and MPO, I did aircrew selection and am currently in final processing but I haven’t heard anything about the MPO interview, wondering if anyone knows when
MPO interviews are usually done for ROTP applicants, also will it affect my applications if it takes a while to complete the interview and make it to the competition list? Any info would be appreciated, thanks!
These two choices seem light years appart.
I was originally interested in ACSO but only passed air crew selection for aerospace control
That's so weird too. Aerospace control is known as the trade that requires one of the highest CFAT scores to get into (I realize the CFAT is not aircrew selection but I'd think if they think you can hack it as an AEC that you can hack it as an ACSO... That being said AECs aren't "air crew".)

Sorry I can't help you with your original question.
The MP branch interviews all potential MPO's whether they're DEO or ROTP. From when I worked in recruiting they used to happen at described times during the year. Best suggestion would be to contact your CFRC and ask if there is any information on when the MPO Interviews are happening.