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Mortar Gloves - rashes


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Hello all,
Whenever I wear my issue mortar gloves for any length of time, I get a terrible rash on my wrists/top of hand. It goes away, then returns whenever I put the gloves back on. I have a pair of Mechanix work gloves, but wearing them is not an option as I'm going on DP1 shortly. Does anyone else have this problem? My gloves are quite old and are almost black (as opposed to CADPAT); does the rash issue (and the fact that they're torn to hell from HESCO and concertina wire) seem to justify asking for a new pair from stores?
Go exchange them, should have no issues.

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I'd trade them in, but also the only time I've seen the issue you're describing is gloves that had poison ivy residue on them from a field ex.
Alright, I will. You're right, section attacks through a field of PI can't have helped... thanks for the advice guys.
So...gloves have turned almost black and you're saying you did section attacks through a field of poison ivy while wearing them?  You know you can wash them, right?

Do the Sup Techs a favour before you go to clothing and run them through the wash.  Just because you're ok with rancid gloves doesn't mean whoever handles those after you exchange them should have to deal with that.
Wash... them...

It blows my mind how often someone doesn't realize their can clean their kit...

Goretex jackets especially, folks not washing them for years... Wash instructions are on the tag.
Thanks for the tip, but I've washed them after every ex/course I've been on. Still black, not rancid. I think it's just fading. The PI problem is not helped by the washing either. I was only asking so as not to be a pain in the @$$ for the supply techs, I guess I should've been more clear in my post.

I wash all my kit frequently, btw.
Bag them, in a heavy, clear plastic bag. Mark them with a warning, for the Sup Techs, and turn them in.
You can find biohazard signs online. Print some and stick them on the bag.
Canuck10: My apologies for assuming you hadn't washed them.  As with Not a Sig Op, my unfortunate experience has been that there are people out there who just don't wash their stuff, particularly gloves for some reason.
garb811, not to worry, I didn't communicate that in my original post. I've also seen (and smelled) plenty of people who never wash their kit either  ???
Do you have those problems with other gloves, Canuck? Maybe that's just how your skin reacts to the material. Wouldn't be unheard of.