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Would you quit the CF if you won the Lottery?

  • Yes

    Votes: 11 17.7%
  • No

    Votes: 23 37.1%
  • Maybe, depends on how much I win!

    Votes: 15 24.2%
  • I'm not in the CF but that wouldn't stop me from taking the money :)

    Votes: 13 21.0%

  • Total voters
If I won tomorrow's Super 7, my last day of work would be Sep 6 2008 as that is the day I hit my 20.
Since we're dreaming my plan would be as follows if I won more than $5 Million:

- Go back to Class A
- Throw a party for my family and friends with free travel and hotel provided
- Invest 1/2 in long term investments
- Buy all the property around a small lake near to Halifax and build my dream home on it
- Give a set amount (Say $50K) to each of my immediate relatives to do with what they liked, but with the caveat that there is no more coming so spend/invest it wisely (or have a great time until it's gone)
- Send a set amount (say $10K) to each of my former Units with instructions to spend it on something to benefit the troops.
- Go on an around the world vacation for a month or so
- Buy a nice motorcycle
- Finally, open a small business or Bar and live the life of being my own Boss

Unfortunately I'll probably be working until I'm 65.   :-[
No longer in, but here's my priorities....

1)  Change home phone to unlisted number;
2)  Go to my investment counsellors and ask, "how much of this win will I have to invest with you to ensure I make the same amount of money I'm making right now until I'm 100 years old (indexed, of course)?";
3)  Invest that much;
4)  Pay off some bills;
5)  Share some of the rest with partner and family;
6)  Donate remainder to causes near/dear to my heart;
7)  Give my bosses some advance notice (couple of months or so) that they're going to have to live without me;
8 )  Spend first six months:
      a)  figuring out which I enjoyed more:  lounging, vegging, or napping?  ;D
      b)  read all those "Book of the MOnth" club books I've ordered but haven't had time to read;
      c)  watch all those "DVD of the Month" club movies I've ordered but haven't had time to watch;
      d)  what I want to do with the rest of my life now that I wouldn't have to go to an office to make money; and
9)  Follow up on 8 (d).
In this day and age when a bad posting message or bad tasking makes people think about getting out I am sure 1 Million would clear almost anyone out of the forces.  A couple thousand might be enough for anyone on the 30/30 plan
Here are is my lottery win plan for the 6/49 win of 43 millions on Wednesday.

1) Stay with reserves on Class A and take contracts on ship during the summer months.
2) Contact my financial adviser that I trust very much before my name is public and get a lawyer in my Rolodex.
3) Invest most of it, 35 millions in guaranteed investments and 5 millions in stocks and pay myself 75 000 dollars a year from the interest for various toys, food and miscellaneous.
4) Pay from reserves would go to either a charity (a fund that supports the forces) and/or the mess.
5) Buy a condo in Whistler around 750 000 to 1 million. (Real estate isn't a bad investment).
6) Buy a Mercedes G55 and an Audi A8 (Need a 4x4 in whistler in the winter, might as well make it comfortable :p)
7) Pay off my parents debt and buy them new cars
8) Make sure my brother has everything he would need for school and a car.
9) Condo in Victoria around 300-400k (1 bedroom crash pad for the summer months).
10) I wouldn't give my friends anything but they don't have to worry they will probably get a few paid trips to whistler if they are nice, and the first ones are the ones that didn't ask for money.