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Is everyone sleeping on duty



Why has not anyone capitulated this? In the next few years there are over 14. 000 CF pers reaching retirement age. At present the CF needs over 8% recruiting per capita per anum to maintain currant figures, (todays numbers). Oops, the CF is recruiting at most below 4% in a good fiscal quarter.

Most of the head shed in Ottawa were promoted young and will be there until probably retirement. They also cause a bottle neck in the promotion cycle, but hey, they are at the top so what‘s the prob.

These same folks have created a 10 year forcast of the CF‘s needs, show me where the manpower losses are being recouped or planned for? Don‘t worry, if you can‘t find them, that‘s right, they don‘t exist.

Oh by the way, why is it that the CF and DND are reaching all time lows in pers numbers, yet Ottawa is as strong and top heavy as ever. As a high ranking Naval member stated, it makes my heart warm to see so many sailors in Ottawa. But who do they work for, I am the senior Navy man and I have about 125 sailors/trades pers on my staff. Who do they work for?

So ladies and gentleman, sailors, soldiers and airmen who is really in charge, what is the truth, and by god did the egg come before the chicken, or did the tail wag the dog.