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GMTI - Instructor crse


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Hey Troops; Happy new year!
I've been asked if I wanted to do a general military  training instructor course in St-Jean. Sounds very interesting and I (use) to like instructing.
What concerns me is I'm just shy of 45:
I joined the reg force as an RCR in 1982. Spent 6 years before LOTPing to medic. Spent almost 10 years in front line units as a medic (2RCR, 119AD) until 2000. I 'retired' out of the reg force in summer of 06 from recruiting (spent 4 years doing recruiting medicals) to follow niner-dom on her last opsting her in Sept-Iles Que. I 'retired' as a sgt ('old' clinically qualified 6A: 7 months vice 1 month QL6A trg). Right now I'M doing some reserve time at the Naval unit here ( unit / recruiting medicals; med adm) until summer of 010 when my wife has done her 20 reg. 

Now, I'm not in too bad a shape for an old SOB; 5'8", about 180lbs; passed the express test this year (level 6: 5 to pass). Got exempt 2 years ago but hit the wall this year at level 6 for a level 7 exemption. Do some personal pt at least 3 times a week (use to be 5, but found it takes me longer now to recover). For example, in the winter (it's average of about minus 20 here) I do 10k's on the stationary bike; then some light to medium weight trg. In the summer, me and the mutt also are out 5 days a week doing light jogging & walking for 60 to 90 minutes.
So pt (for my age) is not a major problem, but then again, I aint a 19 year old infanteer anymore.

Has anyone on site done the GMT-IT course? Are you taught to teach, or is it like some courses in the good ol' days: feed more ***k and BS than anything else? Because frankly, just myself only, I'm getting too old and cynical for 4 weeks of BS. I'd like to be taught to instruct.

After the course I'm (hopefully and it's looking good) being slated to instruct in Esquimalt for the summer.
Thanks for your time and any advice...


In bringing this post back to life I am hoping someone might bite and provide some details. Any info out there?

I've heard GMTI was two weeks or so last year, but sounds like it may now be one month. Thanks for any input.
Hey all,

Just got my message that I am being posted to CFLRS. I am excited but equally nervous. I have been in for 16 years, so I am looking forward to the new experience and challenge.
I am 43, but am in pretty good shape, ok shape, and yes I am not Army hard, I am in the Navy. lol

My question is how 'hard' is GMTI. I know, us Navy guys suck at drill and I am also not the greatest shot. But my strengths do lie in mentoring, team development and communication.

Just curious if any of my fellow Navy guys went through this experience and could share insight.

I am also English,,,I know..it's terrible I was born in BC. I had little control of that

Sailor Guy