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For Sale - Log Mess Kit


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It's doeskin, used 4-5 times, made by Andrei Master Tailor. Should fit 5'4" - 5'6" with room for a few more inches. Waist same thing - room to take out, fits a 33" right now. Jacket is a 44". Will include all accoutrements - Log cuff links / shirt buttons, shirt. I have pics if you really want to see it, but they are all the same. In excellent condition.
I still have it - retiring next month so I really have no use for it. I'm in the Gagetown area but if necessary I can ship anywhere for the low low cost of 1 million dollars... kidding!!
Leeworthy said:
What are you asking for the kit?

Make me a reasonable offer and I will more than likely cry, kick, curse and fall down... and then accept it! I paid 12 I think...