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Employment Opportunities

Looks like the department is bracing for the surge after PTSD presumptive legislation passed last week,

Toronto Paramedic Services

Posting Date 29-Mar-2016
Closing Date 12-Apr-2016

City of Toronto


Posting Date 20-Apr-2016
Closing Date 04-May-2016

Major Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Senior Marine Engineer, the successful candidate will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of all mechanical equipment on the Toronto Fire Boats, as well as a range of related duties in support of the safe and efficient operation of the vessels. The Marine Engineer has controlling responsibility for the routine operation and maintenance of the Fire Boat engine room facilities, in compliance with relevant Transport Canada statutes.

As a member of the Mechanical Maintenance Division, the Marine Engineers are responsible for the repair, testing, maintenance scheduling, record keeping, spare unit inventory and parts inventory, of all firefighting equipment using small gasoline powered engines.

Key Qualifications:
1.Must possess a valid 3rd Class Canadian Marine Engineers Certificate (Motor).
2.Must possess a valid STCW-95-C.P.E.
3.Must provide Transport Canada CDN number with application.
4.Experience in the operation, routine maintenance and testing of marine diesel engines, steering gears, hydraulic systems, heating systems, generators, and fire pumps.
5.Experience in the operation, routine maintenance and testing of marine AC/DC systems, marine electronic equipment, and electrical/electronic system testing equipment.
6.Experience in gas and electric welding and cutting procedures for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.
7.Experience in the repair, maintenance, and inspection of shipboard structures and architecture.
8.Experience in the repair of small gasoline powered equipment.
9.Must successfully pass the Transport Canada Medical exam.

Public Sector salary disclosure:
City of Toronto Firefighter Marine Engineer $103,136.01 Taxable Benefits $910.42
City of Toronto Captain Senior Marine Engineer $107,885.47 Taxable Benefits $1,024.24

Fire Marine Engineers are members of the Toronto Professional Firefighters Association Local 3888 IAFF.

Check out the IPAC job board for public sector jobs across Canada:


Flight Paramedics

Saw one Ornge Flight Paramedic earned $164,589.78 ( with $1,909.75 in taxable benefits ) on last year's Sunshine List. ( YMMV )

Paramedics can apply for management jobs, if interested.

Posting Date 27-Apr-2016
Closing Date 11-May-2016

City of Toronto

Toronto Paramedic Services


Salary $164,801.00 - $193,629.80 / Year

Hours of Work (bi-weekly) 70.00

Reporting to the TPS Chief, this is a senior administrative, operational and leadership position, directly responsible for one of the four functional areas; TPS Operations, the Central Ambulance Communication Centre (CACC), Program Development and Service Quality or Operational Support.

Key Qualifications:
1.A history of successful senior management experience dealing with CAD health, fleet, technical support, and materials management issues.
2.Sound knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of high performance paramedic services systems and the requirements of the Ambulance Act combined with considerable experience in initiating, leading and implementing proactive and progressive change in order to redesign and implement business processes, policies and strategies to facilitate improvements within critical timeframes.
3.Considerable experience handling labour relations, leading and motivating a diverse, multi-functional workforce with a strong ability to foster teamwork, communicate a vision, engage team members, manage change and establish and operate in an environment that promotes excellence.
4.Experience in providing strategic advice and communicating with senior management and political staff on sensitive and confidential issues including familiarity with municipal governance policies, issues, all relevant legislation, municipal programs and services.
5.Extensive experience leading complex projects from inception through to implementation while balancing political, community and other stakeholder interests. Ability to manage competing priorities and demands in a rapidly changing environment.
6.Highly developed human and public relations skills with the ability to communicate both orally and in writing at all levels of the organization, with various political levels and the community and develop effective working relationships with all stakeholders.
7.Experience with financial reporting processes, including budget control, forecasting and interpreting financial reports.
8.Excellent strategic and lateral thinking skills in combination with strong research, analytical and problem solving abilities. Ability to develop, implement, monitor and measure the achievement of Section-wide values, goals and objectives.
9.Post secondary education in a discipline pertinent to the job function or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Assistant Deputy Minister, Emergency Management BC
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Victoria, BC

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure plans transportation networks, provides transportation services and infrastructure, develops and implements transportation policies, leads emergency management and administers related acts and regulations as well as federal-provincial funding programs, including the Building Canada Fund.

Emergency Management BC (EMBC) is the key agency in government for emergency management activities. EMBC provides executive coordination, strategic planning, and multi-agency facilitation and strives to develop effective working relationships in an increasingly complex emergency management environment.  The overall purpose of EMBC is to increase life safety and resiliency for individuals and communities throughout British Columbia.

Please click here to view details: http://www.ipac.ca/ADM-EmergencyManagementBC
This may be of interest to senior members of the fire service,

( Although only one position is available at this time, TFS actually has five deputy chiefs. )

City of Toronto


Salary $196,105.00 / Year
Hours of Work (bi-weekly) 70.00

Posting Date 28-Apr-2016
Closing Date 12-May-2016

Key Qualifications:
1.Post secondary education in a professional discipline pertinent to the job function combined with relevant management training and emergency services experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
2.Sound knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of the Fire Services and the requirements of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.
3.Action oriented, possess the ability to help create a shared vision, have proven leadership abilities and be able to operate in a participatory environment.
4.Senior level management experience in the Fire Services, including administrative functions, budget preparation, project management, report writing, information technology, program development and management of supervisory staff.
5.Forward thinking, a visionary leader, results oriented, capable of implementing progressive ideas and concepts with excellent strategic and lateral thinking skills.
6.Ability to demonstrate a genuine concern and interest for the well being and professional development of staff, in an environment that encourages personnel to perform at a high level, while providing effective and efficient services for the benefit of the community.
7.Highly developed human relations skills, with the ability to effectively communicate at all senior organizational levels, and with political representatives and the media.
8.Familiarity with Ontario Statutes, including Occupational Health and Safety Act and other relevant experience with contractual obligations and corporate policies.

This may be of interest to individuals with a background in communications. It's clean, inside work, with no heavy lifting and a thermostat on the wall,

City of Toronto


1.Must have Grade 12 diploma or equivalent as approved by Ontario Ministry of Education.
2.Must possess current certification in CPR (C) and Standard First Aid training and maintain same throughout employment with Toronto Paramedic Services
3.Must be currently certified in Advance Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) prior to job offer. Applicants who do not possess a current certification in Advance Emergency Medical Dispatch should register for a class as soon as possible. Proof of registration in an Advanced EMD certification course is required to progress to the screening process. See notes for additional information.
4.Experience and/or education required in public safety, health related fields, including but not limited to EMS, Police, and Fire Communications, Paramedicine, Nursing, Air Traffic Control, Telecommunications
5.Experience working in a customer service environment.

Saw these on the Sunshine List. ( I did not include Taxable Benefits. ) Your mileage may vary,

$113,620.10 City of Toronto Emergency Medical Dispatcher
$102,753.96 City of Toronto Senior Emergency Medical Dispatcher
$105,618.01 City of Toronto Senior Emergency Medical Dispatcher
$111,781.11 City of Toronto Senior Emergency Medical Dispatcher
$105,364.48 City of Toronto Emergency Medical Dispatcher
$100,837.57 City of Toronto Senior Emergency Medical Dispatcher
$104,491.46 City of Toronto Emergency Medical Dispatcher
$106,072.20 City of Toronto Senior Emergency Medical Dispatcher
$111,017.22 City of Toronto Senior Emergency Medical Dispatcher

EMDs are eligible for promotion to Supervisors, Commanders, and Deputy Chiefs.

See also,
Toronto Paramedic Services


Salary $84,666.40 - $99,481.20 / Year
Please note the Salary/Rate Annual reflects the 2015 rates.

Hours of Work (bi-weekly) 70.00

Posting Date 27-Apr-2016
Closing Date 11-May-2016

1.Post-secondary education in computer science, engineering or related discipline or the approved equivalent combination of education and/or experience.
2.Experience in Systems and/or Database Administration preferably in a public safety-mission critical  telecommunications system and/or public safety two way radio system context
3.Experience in data analysis using SQL coding techniques to extract, and report upon, information, business trends, and metrics from data stored in the system databases.
4.Experience with the administration of Microsoft Active Directory (2008/2012)
5.Experience with the technical change process, from planning through implementation, ITIL/ITSM Foundation certification (an asset).
6.Experience in at least one of the following:
a.current server-based virtualization technologies
b.server administration in Windows and Linux operating systems
c.security services including firewalls, network vulnerability, antivirus software
d.producing enterprise artifacts to describe business / information / application / technology / security architectures.

City of Toronto

City of Toronto

Marine Engineer

1.Must possess and be able to maintain a Certificate of Competency as a Third Class Engineer of a motor driven vessel in accordance with the regulations enforced in the Province of Ontario.
2.May be required to possess and be able to maintain an Internal Combustion Hoisting Certificate in accordance with the regulations enforced in the Province of Ontario.
3.Proven experience in operation of a marine vessel.
4.Must possess and be willing to maintain a valid Medical Certificate of Fitness and a Marine First Aid Certificate as per Transport Canada Regulations.
5.Extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of marine engine room equipment, including hoisting equipment.
For anyone interested in becoming a firefighter in TO this could be the ticket.

Although, "Toronto Fire Services does not accept external transfers to any of the entry level firefighter positions", they do  accept internal transfers from Prevention to Operations.
You would maintain your seniority and pension, and not be competing for the precious few firefighter jobs available with civilians off the street.

( Sort of like doing an OT in the CAF ).

City of Toronto


Posting Date 02-Jun-2016
Closing Date 16-Jun-2016
"Post-secondary education in Fire Protection Technology, Law and Security, Justice, Criminology or an equivalent combination of education and experience is required."

City of Toronto


Job Type Permanent, Full-Time 
Salary/Rate $37.24 / Hour
Hours of Work (bi-weekly) 80.00
Shift Information 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Number of Positions Open 2
Posting Date 29-Jun-2016
Closing Date 14-Jul-2016
•Must possess and be able to maintain a current Certificate of Qualification as a Plumber in accordance with the regulations enforced in the Province of Ontario.

YMMV, but Plumbers are well represented on the Sunshine List. Some were making in the $150-160,000 range with shift/weekend/overtime/on call duty.

A few federal government jobs available at this link: https://senate-appointments.canada.ca/slctnPrcs.asp?lang=eng
Yeah, but they are sooooo  picky......
Have a green card?  The Smithsonian is looking for a Beer Scholar.

dapaterson said:
Have a green card?  The Smithsonian is looking for a Beer Scholar.


I was looking at that.  With over forty years experience, I thought that it would be nice to be paid for something I have been expending a fair sum of dollars on.  [:D
The Ontario Provincial Police are on a major hiring blitz.

Haggis said:
The Ontario Provincial Police are on a major hiring blitz.


They're well compensated (important) and well resourced (even more important) service. Not a bad gig at all if you can get it.
Saw this ( American ) article. It may, or may not, be of interest to ( current and former ) members seeking non-military employment,

1. Language
Problem: Swearing is Expected in the Military. Swearing Sets You Back in Many Civilian Fields

2. Following Orders
Problem: Enlisted Soldiers are Trained to Obey without Questioning

3. Reliance on Institutional Support
Problem: Active Service Members Don’t Provide for Themselves

4. Expectation of Respect from Civilians
Problem: Most Civilians Do Not Acknowledge Veterans’ Service

5. Treatment of Subordinates
Problem: Officers are Accustomed to Automatic Obedience

6. Reliance on Forced PT
Problem: Active Service Members Never Have to Schedule Their Exercise