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Disc Golf


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Who has NOT ever thrown a frisbee?

Walk somewhere and throw frisbees you can pick up on your way and throw them again - until you hit a target. Simples.

After I stopped playing hockey as a teenager, I did little as far as organized sport goes. I tried traditional golf, but never felt progress in the game and found that I could go for a walk anywhere I wanted. Price point was a bit to take as well, with most rounds starting at 30 bucks, and equipment isn't cheap either.

Two years ago, one of my best friends got me out for my first round of disc golf at his course in Carp. I was immediately hooked by the crowd that showed up, the layout of the course compared to ball golf, and he pace, compared to my experiences with ball golf. It felt much more relaxed.

I came home from that trip and played about 45 rounds in thirty days, hit my first (only) ace, bought useless frisbees and generally did not improve at all except for blind luck (like that ace).

The 45 rounds in thirty days will sound nuts to anyone who has ball golfed. I get it. I was floored the first time I actually clocked myself playing a round on a smaller course - 75 minutes, and I was searching for frisbees in the woods for a bit of that!

There are loads of courses, at least in the Maritimes, that offer a great beginner/learner experience. There are also a few championshop style courses - one of which is rated number 3 in the world. This is possible because disc golf has a far lower physical footprint than ball golf, and we don't want wide open fairways! We like bending stuff around trees, even if I threaten to cut them down when a frisbee smacks one. As well, most private courses will have means to get you some decent loaner frisbees if you're just starting out.

For about thirty dollars you can get started with two decent frisbees. That's all you need to learn how to throw them, and learn how they work. Green fees are almost non-existent for the smaller courses, and rarely, in my experience, go above ten dollars for an entire day at the ones that do charge.

There are a growing number of compettivie tournaments with numerous divisions you may find yourself a home in. I've played three sanctioned (so with all the pro rules) events in 2020, finished at least tied for last in all, and had a fucking riot. No event was more than 75 bucks to enter, and all included at least two rounds of play, and player packages (usually a frisbee, maybe gift certificates, etc.)

And since you do not need to mow down huge swaths of land to create a course, there are more than a few smaller, private, courses cropping up - I may even have a few baskets in the ground for a few par 3 shots. And this game is super portable. I do not go anywhere without at least one basket and steel base that I can dump down and throw at. Kids adore it!

As far as watching the game online to get some perspective, YouTube has a channel called JoMez Pro. I would link but cannot access YouTube from my machine. You can see full replays of professional tournament rounds with some sick graphics showing how frisbees fly. One of the things I really enjoy is they almost always have a pro from the card you are watching join to do the commentary for a recorded presentation. I like hearing what discs pros use for certain shots. 

For the app based people: seek out UDisc. It has score trackers, interactive maps for courses in your area, or anywhere one is listed, really. Links to events. Etc.

Info: https://www.pdga.com/
Out of curiosity I did a google search for any courses in the NCR and found this...


They even have an Ice Bowl in Jan and just had their Plaid Jacket event in Sept.


Might look into this this spring as something to do with my kid.
Prince Edward Island:

NFPs Wounded Warriors and Brave and Broken are benefitting from an event at Huck It in PEI - Nov 28th.

They're doing some fun shit like $2 a mulligan, or cancel someone's throw for $2.

I can't post links to FB either, but if you search huck it middleton disc golf you'll get there.
Remius said:
Out of curiosity I did a google search for any courses in the NCR and found this...


They even have an Ice Bowl in Jan and just had their Plaid Jacket event in Sept.


Might look into this this spring as something to do with my kid.

Ottawa has an awesome disc golf scene!

I don't know if The Shire is listed among courses, but that guy is one of my best friends.
I’ve never even heard of this before now lol.
I've got some new stuff to share!

I've got my course open and completely playable but expandable. Seven baskets have been planted and we have 15 unique approaches we can use. It's free, always, to play here and I have a ton of frisbees I can loan out. There are a couple of par 4s and the rest are par 3 - a couple of tosses with obstacles near the end, and some others that are true tunnel through the woods shots.

A group I have been working with has the go-ahead to build a full 18 hole course in the Wentworth Valley, NS. This will be on a forestry cooperatives land and will showcase how they work to sustainably manage forest lands for private woodlot owners. We are partnered with them and are pretty stoked to get this into the ground and showcase the game and the relationship.

We think that we can drop something unique here in Wentworth and make it a destination for disc golf. We're also partnered with an international company that does disc golf courses as its business, so we actually have the means to make this happen once we find people with the land to make work!

Mostly, I want people to ponder the question that all disc golfers eventually do: why are trees?

Go throw!
You're super close to The Shire, where I played my first round.