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Cyprus Emergency Memorial


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Few people know that we lost a total of 372 men during the 1955 to 1959 Cyprus Emergency, 12 of them paratroopers. We will be holding our next Service of Remembrance at The National Memorial Arboretum Staffordshire commencing at 12.00hrs on Sunday the 14th of August. I know that it is a long time off and no one can commit so far ahead, but if you have any comrades that you haven't seen for years, or you have never been to The Arboretum there will be no better time or place to meet up with them and remember your fallen comrades. If you think without commitment that you may attend, please let me know so that I can keep everyone updated to Les Smith cyprusveterans@gmail.com I have contact with about 600 Cyprus Veterans from all Regiments and Services

Thank you for all the likes Re. "The Cyprus Rock". The Rock had a hole drilled into it and a cannister with all the names of the 372 servicemen and 21 British Policemen who died during the 1955 to 1959 emergence sealed inside it. Regards to all …


My old man did an emergency tour with 7 RHA in early ‘64. He hated it.