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Cougars for the Reserves? - split from Re: The Reserve Force Regimental System & Divining the right

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R. Jorgensen

Vehicles - Yes.  No requirements definitions were done.  We did slightly increase the number of G Wagons bought for the Reserve armoured recce units.


When I talked to a 2Lt in the Mewata Armouries Recruiting Office (KO Calg R side) he said that in the near future when the Cougars are no longer going to be used for Reg Force application (he actually said, "when they are decommissioned", because apparently the LAV-III's are going to be the cream of the crop now), Reserve Armoured Recce units will receive some. Anyone care to shed some light (seeing as how we're talking about this sort of stuff)?
No Cougar AVGPs in use, reserve or regular.  Said 2Lt was sorely mistaken.  And no, in the foreseeable future the new Cougar MRAPs will not be transferred to the reserve.
Your source is about 6 years out of date.  The Cougars were transferred to the reserves.  They have since been retired from service & lent to Africa. 
Winnipeg has plenty of cougars....oh you mean the vehicle?

Never mind.... ;D
Well then... this makes everything much more interesting.
AVGP Cougars have all gone bye, bye.
Turrets were removed & the hulls disposed of...
I think I saw a stack of turrets in one corner of the 202 yards a month ago.
There's ONE fully intact Cougar, drivable, in the vehicle compound at CFB Winnipeg.  I pulled in there one day a couple months ago just to take a look at it as I hadnt seen one in awhile.  Talked to a pickly there who was the only guy able to drive it as nobody else had the qual!

Not sure why we have it...but it's there!
Probably been destined to become a lawn ornament
geo, the one parked at the Longue Pointe Museum is a runner if I am correct.  I'll call the curator tomorrow to double check.  He opened it up for me and the girlfriend when he gave us a personal tour last fall.  I also got to sit in the CF5!
The RCH had one sitting on their parade square inside about two months ago. Not sure if it's functional but someone did a great job refurbishing it for its future pedestal.
I can confirm the RCH has one.  I just called them.  It is a runner BUT has no physical CFR plate to drive on the streets.
There was one at the Jefferson armoury(Edm) a few weeks ago.
There was at least a half Sqn worth in Wainwrong last summer...all intact and tarped.

There is one in Ottawa ex-RCD CFR-487 ( last three). Originally issued to Windsor R in '81. Know it well as I drove, gunned and commanded it at one time or another. I am told it is going on display somewhere. It has all the mods done to it and I believe it is a runner.