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Converting 404's to a full Civilian Licence

dapaterson said:
QR&O chapter 16.  Article 16.14.
Therefore, for the period of 06 July - 26 August (inclusive), they will be employed for 52 consecutive days, and entitled to three days of annual leave.

If they cannot for reasons of the service take their leave within the 06 July - 26 August take some or all of that leave, CBI 205.75 applies.

There are two different calculation formulas depending on whether the leave was under class B or class C terms of service, as the calculations of the value of a working days (vs a calendar day) is different depending on whether you are starting from a monthly rate of pay or a daily rate of pay (class C is monthly, class B is daily).


Thanks, I just learned something today.  All this time I thought we needed to be connected to the DWAN to access CBI's and QR&O's.  He'll have to wait to figure it out because the course dates keep changing.  It went from 13 Jul - 15 Aug, then 13 Jul - 24 Aug and now 26 Aug.  My son is actually enjoying himself as I knew he would once he settled in.  Unfortunately 2 or 3 people RTU'd because of civi jobs they needed to get back to and couldn't get the extra time off.  They were apparently pissed that it wasn't figured out in advance and they basically took vacation time for this course that they now can't take.  Not everyone agreed to be on Class B or C.  For the people on Class B or C until the end of Aug, I have no issue with it, but for those with regular jobs to get back to who used vacation time based on what they were told, I feel bad for those people. 

When I was doing my training on Cl B, the contract was written so it extended beyond the end of the course to add in a travel day and any annual earned as we were not allowed leave during the course. I suspect it's a similar system now, if it's even changed at all.
Yes, done properly a Route Letter should encompass all travel, work, and leave days.
ModlrMike said:
Yes, done properly a Route Letter should encompass all travel, work, and leave days.

Refresh my memory on what a route letter is again.  I recall hearing the term when I was in the Reserves years ago but I thought most units, just as the Reg force use claims x.
dapaterson said:
The route letter is the pay authority document.

I didn't see anything like that with my sons paperwork.  He had a claim completed on Claims X, CFTPO, joining instructions and ECN, NOK forms.  Maybe I missed it.
Form CF899 (class B).  For class C, there would be an authority message.
dapaterson said:
Form CF899 (class B).  For class C, there would be an authority message.

I'm sure they'll sort it out but there was nothing like that in the package he received from his OR.

Speaking of Class B and C, do mbr's not sign some sort of contract for that?  He is adamant that he never signed anything.