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Construction Technician (merged)

I am not expecting any handouts.  I know that I am going to be starting out, military-wise, at square 1 (or 1b, I was in cadets throughout my teenage years, and completed some reserve training in another life).  And I expect, like in any other employment, that promotions will come on a combination of my ability and the employer's needs.

Are there any guidelines for advancement? 
pfinlayson said:
Are there any guidelines for advancement?

There are minimum time requirement in each rank and required qualifications before a person can get promoted to the next rank. Having those prerequisites does not mean one gets promoted. If you served in the reserves before, you should already understand this.
hey this is my first post i am always on here reading, i have been looking for information on the trade of Construction Tech, i have an OT in now and have been in since 2007 so i know there is stuff about the trade that the recruitment website does not share i was just wondering if i could get any info on what to expect, is the QL3 course (trade course) easy or does it go into alot of detail.
are there any special tasking construction techs can go on or any special training, heavy vehicle for example.
Just wondering if anyone one can give some details on stuff not listed on the forces.ca website

thank you in advance.

CT is a technical course. Make sure your math is good to go. When I say math I really mean brush up on what you did in high school. At the Engineer School you'll be learning the Construction trade (at least we did in 2000) so be prepared for that. Working with hand tools then power tools for the construction industry. You will be learning all facets of structural construction, from laying flooring to putting on a roof. Wood work and wood framing make up a large portion of the course as does concrete and concrete block work. There is a short field portion where you'll be employed and learning about setting up a camp for x number of personnel. For any past Cbt Arms pers it's a bit of a joke but keep your mouth shut about the stoopidness and help your course mates get through. Some of them have never been in the field before.. 
As for special courses those will be taught later on, especially if you get posted to a field unit after your 3's. Must of the guys I know that were posted to a field troop were employed as truck drivers most of the time.. Airforce postings go to work straight off as a tradesman as well as the Naval Construction Troops. Sometimes individuals get attached to the local CE section and get to do work orders with the base pers. It's all good just stay sharp and learn from everyone.
I was a retread to CT in 2000 after 15 years in the Patricia's and I do not regret it for one minute. When I retired from the CF I had a trade, Red Seal ticket and a certification from ASTTBC http://www.asttbc.org/  all of that lead to my current employment which I also really enjoy.
Best of luck!
Got my VOT to construction tech, i am so pumped, heard some rumors that there is a really long waiting list to get on QL3 and will spend at least a year on PAT platoon.
Anyone know anything about this or have some where i can look to find out when course are strating.
I was on the Gagetown website but could not find any course dates.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.
I have a very strong interest in joining the canadian armed forces but I want to make sure I make the right choice as to what I sign up for so I have some questions about a construction technician.

As a construction technician what sort of feild exercises do they do?
What do they do on a day to day basis?
Are they eligible to apply to specialized units such as sar tech?
Once they are done all of their training as a construction technician are they still able to take parachute courses and survival courses?
How often do construction technicians get promoted?
Is there a big difference between construction tech and combat tech? They seem sort of the same.
So combat engineers pretty much do the same
Job as construction techs just combat engineers do other things as well?
No. Construction Techs are a cross between framing carpenters, painters, masons, drywallers and finish carpenters. Combat Engineers do a small amount of rough carpentry, but the rest of our trade is a complete 180 from what the 600 series guys do. If you use the search function here you'll see what Cbt Engr do and what is involved in OT to SAR Tech.
Hey there.

I head off to BMQ in 3 days.  I will be doing construction tech after that.

I was just wondering, can anyone give me a day to day in the life of?  Recruiter told me a bit, but he wasnt one himself, so couldn't speak to specifics.  I have been working in carpentry for 9.5 years.  6.5 years framing and 3 years renos.  I did production framing, so speed was key.  Wasn't uncommon for us to frame walls, stand, frame floor and sheet in a day.  In renos,  I did a lot of fixing framing, forming/placing concrete, drywall patching and doing boring ***** square face trim (its the style now..)

I assume it will be different on each base, just a general idea. 

What about deployment?  Postings?  I suppose that all depends on the needs of the forces.  What are your personal experiences?

Just signed my VOT offer to Construction Tech! I'm hoping for an attach posting to 2CER construction troop and to attend the QL3 course starting in September. Just wondering how many others are waiting to go on this course? I fully expect to be doing OJT for at least a year before I go on course, but it'd be nice to get qualified right away.

I don't have any formal training in this trade so it's going to be a steep learning curve! I'm eager to learn though and truly enjoy constructing something out of nothing.

Are there any CT's on here that can shed some light on what a CT "apprentice" can expect to be doing during OJT? What they experienced during OJT and how life in a construction troop or with Base CE is?

Hello, just wondering if anyone has joined as a construction tech with prior Red Seal Journeyman Certification? I am considering my options, I like being a carpenter but civilian framing and forming and finishing is getting a bit boring and I am betting the army would be a good change. I would like to serve my community/country and be a part of a broader dynamic than just building office towers and houses, I have always believed that to help others is a great reward in itself.. Would I have to re-train all over again as a carpenter? I have no military training so I would be joining as semi-skilled, I'm hoping to gather more info as what to expect. Would I skip the really basic stuff and go right to work? Is pay a bit more if one is already a journeyman ?  Do construction Technicians have the opportunity to be deployed over seas? and if so do they partake in patrols/raids/sentry duty? Or is it just pound nails as always and stay in the rear kind of deal? Thanks in advance for any info
ardoxnail said:
Thanks in advance for any info

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Construction Technician (merged)
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I am wondering if there are any construction techs out there that can fill me in on a little information. I have looked on the forces.ca website and watched the videos but still can't find the answer. After you complete the first 29 week course you there go and do your ojt somewhere. I am wondering what bases are optional to complete your ojt at. Can the ojt be done in gagetown right where you first do your 29 week course? If someone can help with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton!
Yes it is possible.  It just depends on how many pers are already there doing their OJT and if the folks at CE can accommodate another pers.
I am a current Construction Technician, if anyone has any questions feel free to send me a personal message. I'm sure I can clear up a lot of the misconceptions about the construction trades in the forces.

I know this is a dormant thread, I'm posting here for people in the future that may find this with the search function.