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Hi! My grandmother had this old photo of someone wearing a military uniform and they had Canadian cap badge, however I could not find one the same online. I believe it is circa 1900. If anyone could identify what branch he belonged to that would be great :)
Many thanks

He is an officer, so it is unlikely the RSM would be ordering him to purchase anything.... Officers purchased their own uniforms and equipment anyway.
The buttons on his uniform seem similar to the buttons on the old "CF greens" great coat, or am I misremembering it.

There were "leather buttons" on the "great coat", which was basically a cheap, green copy of the "British Warm". The use of leather buttons on service dress tunics was not uncommon 100+ years ago, sometimes for convenience/availability and sometimes as regimental idiosyncrasy. Leather buttons can still be found on British Army uniforms, specifically on the service dress tunics (No. 2 dress) of officers of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.