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California eyes predatory car sales safeguard for military


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Under the bill by Talamantes Eggman and Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins, the 30-day window to return any purchased or leased vehicle would apply to enlisted service members up to and including the rank of Army, Marine Corps and Space Force sergeant, Air Force staff sergeant, and Navy and Coast Guard petty officer second class.

“This is a very vulnerable group, some of our more junior enlisted service members,” said California Attorney General Rob Bonta, who proposed the bill. “They have a little bit less experience in the world, they’re often younger and they’re often more financially vulnerable. Their wages are less than some of the more senior members of the military.”

“to provide military service members with the consumer protections they deserve without creating unintended negative consequences.”

There is no cooling off period for the general public under California law, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

They deserve consumer protections, under what justification? Make stupid decisions, face the consequences like everyone else.
this was a problem in Petawawa when i was younger, full of used car lots, and Reg force guys and even Res force guys, a lot of cars were sold every summer to guys who could not afford them after the summer training funds ran dry.
Predatory sales and services is a thing. There is a reason they target certain groups. Just like pay day loans. They set up in vulnerable neighbourhoods all the time.
Include pawn shops. There’s zero in my area. Main Street Winnipeg has a crap ton.