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CAF IRP: TNL and Il&m Questions


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I'm often asked to provide guidance/advice to moving members, as I have a fairly good understanding of the IRP.

That being said, I've heard stories recently of BGRS actually being more lenient than in the past (which is a good thing, Imo), but was curious if these were isolated incidents.

Scenario: your departure or arrival dates do not match up with designated TNL dates (i.e. You're requesting IL&M funding on days designated for TNL, and vice versa). Let's say you are supposed to begin travel on a Tuesday and arrive the following Sunday (6 days of travel) . My understanding has always been that they don't care how much you actually travel each day or where you actually stop each night, as long as you don't arrive at destination early. I've also been under the understanding that you could depart origin late, but never leave early. However, I've now recently heard stories of members leaving early (i.e. on their clean day) AND arriving at destination early, and BGRS telling them it's no big deal. Now, in the grand scheme of things, the money the CAF is paying out the exact same. These members would get the same amount in food, hotels, and incidentals regardless of when they left and when they arrived, so long as they were still within the general "door to door" move window dates. I've just never seen BGRS be this lenient: there is TNL, and their IL&M. On the "clean" day, you are supposed to be on IL&M, but if you depart that day and are travelling, then technically you are "traveling to new location", which has not been approved for that date. Same with arrival at destination, but opposite. If you arrive early, you are no longer on TNL, but IL&M hasn't been approved for those dates. The money is the same, but the source of the "authority" for that money is different.

What have others experience been in this area? I expected BGRS to literally deny reimbursement if you weren't doing the right thing on the right day, but that's not what my acquaintances are being told. They're claiming that BGRS is essentially saying "you are covered for a hotel, meals and incidentals from the day of your pack to the dya of your unpack. We don't really care at all what you do in between, so long as a door to door has been arranged.

I left on my clean day 2 years ago, CFIRP had just announced ~7 or 8 days of ILM&M available at destination, so they just used a day of that when I arrived.