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Announcing the Battle Procedure Aide Memoire for iPhone/iPad

PuckChaser said:
Reports and returns are unit/bde/theatre specific.  9 liner is very much theatre specific as it is typically out of the SOP of whatever DUSTOFF unit is providing support.  Anything you'd find online should be a guide only.

True, most of the ones I have used/seen are modified American ones....
Folks, a quick update on BattlePro. Given the current challenges faced by the CAF and our soldiers, I’ve decided to make all the content completely free. The current version of the app has all ranges, reports and returns, map symbols, and the grid finder available to all for free.

For those that find the info useful, there are options to show your support under Admin —> Support BattlePro.

As always, feedback or ideas are welcome.

Thanks and stay safe all,
Thanks very much for this, Mike. :salute:  A great tool that I still use years after serving.