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All Things Combat Diver (merged)

I'm always reluctant to post out of fear of missing a related thread.. but I'll give it a shot.

Could any combat divers or clearance provide some training tips to aspiring combat diver candidates in order to help prepare them for the course/prelim?

I've received tips such as;
- swim with clothes on
- be able to hold your breath for 2 minutes or more while working underwater
- tread water with bricks
- run 5km everyday
- stop weight training and focus on endurance training

I've seen the divers run in excess of 17km, just for morning pt in Gagetown! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!


Flutter kicks, lots of flutter kicks. And pushups. And chin-ups. Run lots. Swim lots, clothes/weights/straight jackets not required, spend a lot of it under water. If your unit runs a prelim they’ll beast you into shape, but better shape you’re in before, the easier it is.