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Afghan Pres. Karzai threatens to "join the Taliban"

munchies said:
well we are going to do what we have to do regardless of what the Iraqis have to say. sure if the government said something that would be different. But if the iraqi press wants to be an emotional bitch it shouldn't matter... If there are going to be people killing or becoming a threat becauwe the iraqi press tells stupid stories than maybe its good that they do somthing and our army does somehitng about them
Epic fail.

Since when does Iraq come into this thread?

Man, I thought your first post in this thread was stupid  :eek:

munchies said:
who cares what the stupid Afghanistan press thinks or the Afghanistan people. we go there to do a job and we do it regardless of what people think so just do your thing... they are the country of the enemy anyways

This is the kind of thinking that most military members are to trying to show isnt representative of most military members, thank you...
Munchies profile says 'Rank:Not yet', so by the sounds of things, he is yet to spend a day in uniform.


Steering this back to Karzai, has anyone seen anything yet confirming that he actually said this?

The last I saw, his press secretary had denied him ever saying it at all, but it makes you wonder why if Karzai did not say it why he wouldn't come out in the open to stress that he never said it, especially with so many world leaders condemning the statement (if he said it).
the 48th regulator said:

Tess, that is hilarious.  We should have a Milnet version.

Back to Karzai, the sources appear to be several reputable papers and provide a sound level of detail - his press secretary is doing some damage control - but at least a couple of western articles wrote that he said it as hyperbole which would make more sense...
By no means am I an expert on this subject so I was just curious what would be the result of Karzai actually siding with the Taliban.  As far as I'm aware Afghanistan mostly just tribes with no real centralized government.  If Karzai bands with the Taliban, is that just him by his lonesome or would the ANA have to follow suit?  By siding with the Taliban would it really just be increased financial support?  Couldn't the coalition forces merely get rid of him much like Saddam?