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A confusing scenario


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As the title states! I’m being a little vague, but as for the context:

I was offered a position, but then this position wasn’t actually available.

My Recruiter opted to ask to waive my score to join a different trade that the unit has need for (not just reattempt the CFAT)

I am not going for an officer position, nor have I completed any bold eagle training.

I have never heard of this happening. My thoughts were it’d be just like any applicant who failed to meet the cutoff.
I have all valid testing, as well as my sec clearance, but couldn’t see this making any difference.

What are the odds of it going through, and why/how would something like this occur?

I am not discontent with this, simply curious.
Hard to say without more details.

Waivers can be granted for a variety of reasons.
I don’t have many other details, just that I didn’t qualify for many positions on the CFAT. Reserves applicant.
Not sure how much help we can be here.

Waivers can be requested for previous service, comparable foreign service, civilian qualifications and education among others. Being an indigenous Canadian I believe is also a possible waiver situation.

So as to the odds it goes through would depend on the reasons. As to how often waivers are asked for? I've been out recruiting for some time now but they were asked for on a regular basis for a variety of reasons.