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    Advice/Am I good enough for RMC?

    I know this question is very repetitive and asked a lot but I didn't see anybody with a similar situation to mine so I figured I would ask. If anybody is currently enrolled in an ROTP or RMC program, tips would be greatly appreciated. I am going to be applying for the trade of Pilot through the...
  2. C

    Pilot eye vision requirement

    Hi guys, I just finished the aptitude test yesterday and qualified to be a pilot based on the score. but I do wear glasses, short vision, roughly 20/120. is that ok to apply for being a pilot? maybe not qualified to be a pilot for fighter jets, but not sure if helicopters and transport jets are...
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    RCAF pilots promotion and rank upgrade!

    Hi everyone! I have a question about how pilots get promotion and rank upgrades (when you get in via ROTP or DEO). I’ve heard you’re OCdt until you finish BMOQ and University, then you’re promoted 2LT. You’ll stay 2LT until you get your wings then become LT. From there, once you complete the...
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    VOT-U ACSO to Pilot

    Im an ACSO OCdt in the ROTP civvy U program. I’m going to BMOQ mod 2 this summer, and I’ve realized that I would like to VOT-U to pilot. The directive in the BTL guide my ULO provides all OCdts says that they would like to approve transfers to preferred occupations, but we all know that doesn’t...
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    Air Factor appeal

    Hi everyone, I recently went to CFEME for a pilot medical and the ophthalmologist found a problem that disqualified me for all aircrew trades. I have seen optometrists all my life and none of them has ever brought this issue to my attention. I went to an optometrist to get a referral to a...
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    ROTP vs DEO

    Does anyone know if it's possible to apply for ROTP if you're already in a civilian university? I'm just starting my first year as an aerospace engineering student at Ryerson and my initial plan was to apply as a DEO for pilot position once I would finish school and get my CPL while in...
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    Whats going on with pilot CEOTP? (Seneca)

    Hello all! Bear with me as I write out this message here, I am currently 15 years old and planning to join the RCAF once I complete highschool. I have been around and loved aviation my entire life so naturally, I would like to go into the pilot trade. I have been in cadets since I was 12, I do...
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    Air Force Pilot?

    I applied to become an RCAF pilot under ROTP and am still waiting for a response. However, I was curious if anyone could help me determine what aircraft I want to fly. What aircraft is the most hands on (least amount of auto pilot)? Which aircraft is the most versatile in terms of its...