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    World Of Warships

    I thought their only job was to screen the BBs for planes and DDs?  ;D
  2. Robert0288

    The Khadr Thread

    Really?  I'm pretty sure people have been using various forms of keyloggers without individuals noticing for years.
  3. Robert0288

    Syrian Refugee Crisis (aka: Muslim Exodus and Europe)

    They may not have even passed through IS controlled territory, and arrived in Turkey via other legitimate means.  There is also a huge market right now for forged Syrian ID documents for evidence to support a ref claim.  In addition there are individuals who are now arriving in Europe and...
  4. Robert0288

    Real Soldiers Sneer at ‘I Always Felt That I Was in the Military’ Trump

    It's hard to dig through bed rock.
  5. Robert0288

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    If there's an icebreaker in there it may be going for the NW passage.
  6. Robert0288

    US Military Family Loses Everything In U-Haul Robbery

    That's rough, hopefully insurance covers most of it, and some of the priceless stuff gets found in the local pawn shops.  Unfortunately talking to a lot of people coming up en route to AK, the local gangs seem to target foreigners.  While not common, I have seen it happen more than once now.
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    Colourful Change of Command Ceremony in Trenton - Elvis+

    You forgot the gloves on and gloves off part as well.  Doesn't matter if it's +40 or not.
  8. Robert0288

    CBSA officers suspended for helping RCMP?

    The sup took the call, authorized them to go, and then went with them to the scene.  There doesn't seem to be any issue at the local level.  Here's another article that has a little more information...
  9. Robert0288

    CBSA officers suspended for helping RCMP?

    I would say the basis of the argument in the memo is the gaps in authorities and protections.  However 25(4) of the Criminal Code should more than cover any gaps in legislation.
  10. Robert0288

    The WTF News Files

    I'd like to think that the individual was terrible at karaoke.  Someone said the words along the line of "... you can shove it up your ass" and fisticuffs ensued.
  11. Robert0288

    Canadian Civilians Fighting ISIS (including threats to YPG)

    Which brings us back to existing legislation.  In my opinion, the reason why this was even thought of is that somewhere along the line the decision was made that trying to prove all the elements of anything between 83.18 to 83.22 of the Criminal code may be too difficult without potentially...
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    Canadian Civilians Fighting ISIS (including threats to YPG)

    Legally, you could probably argue on what side of the FEBA you're on and which direction your pointing your rifle.
  13. Robert0288

    Cenotaph/Memorial Vandalism/Solutions-Laws (merged)

    should be like birds to a power line.  Then again we might get a really cool lighting effect with electricity arcing off
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    Best Military Themed Licence Plate Ever?

    When I saw the second one in a parking lot, I almost put my palm through my nose.
  15. Robert0288

    Best Military Themed Licence Plate Ever?

    I've seen 'END EX' in Ottawa before.  It caught me off guard and I giggled.