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    mefloquine lawsuit inquiry

    Just to be clear, the Class Action being referred to is one initiated several years ago through a firm in North Bay. As the article states, another firm (Howie, Sacks & Henry) has picked up the clients and are proceeding with mass tort litigation vice class action. For anyone who has retained...
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    Get Your Butt Checked!- split from Changes to Political

    Reading this reminded me of an article I read shortly before my first colonoscopy.  If you're holding off on a colonoscopy because of a fear of the unknown, it provides a rather humorous (but accurate) view of the whole subject. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.  (Edit:  I think it's worth...
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    Snowbird Jet Crashes Into House in Kamloops- May 17 2020

    I can't tell from the video, nor do I know enough about the aircraft. Was it two ejections, or the canopy blowing clear and one ejection?  How evident would the canopy charges be?
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    Power of attorney - Quebec

    Thank you, that is exactly the situation. I see from the link you posted below that it mentions "curatorship".  In the lawyer directory, I found one that specializes in "Régime de protection (Ex. : curatelle, tutelle, etc.)", which Google Translates to "Protective regime (Ex .: curatorship...
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    Power of attorney - Quebec

    I'll try to clarify.  I'm not looking to have a notary or lawyer draw up a mandate.  Those already exist, but the two parents have them pointing at each other, and neither is competent to make decisions for the other. We need to figure out what area of law in Quebec would handle a case by a...
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    Power of attorney - Quebec

    Neither is competent to act in the other's interest.  My initial thoughts are that she needs to be appointed guardian (probably not the right term) over both, so that bills (some of which are seriously in arrears) can be paid, vehicle can be sold, house can be sold, etc. I'm no lawyer nor do I...
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    Power of attorney - Quebec

    Looking for some help pointing me in the right direction. I have a situation where mother and father in-law have power of attorney pointing at each other, but due to recent and ongoing medical situation, we feel that we need to have the court intervene and appoint my spouse guardianship/power...
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    VAC and Tinnitus

    That's not right, unless the CF Spectrum of Care changed since I got out in 2011.  I was covered for hearing aids specifically for my tinnitus while I was still serving.  ENT prescribed them, audiologist fitted them up, off I went.
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    VAC and Tinnitus

    What you're looking for is called a tinnitus assessment.  It's a very specific list of tests used to identify the amplitude and frequency of your perceived tinnitus.  For me, it took about two hours to conduct. When I did my testing, they created a CD for me to listen to with pink noise on it. ...
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    VAC and Tinnitus

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    Conservative MP Tony Clement resigns Commons duties over sexting scandal

    That didn't take long. https://www.thebeaverton.com/2018/11/28108/ Health Canada announces it will cover treatment for Canadians forced to imagine Tony Clement sexting OTTAWA – Following the news that MP and former Health Minister Tony Clement is stepping down from his role as shadow Justice...
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    Patient Rights

    Thanks for that, Simian Turner.  In this case I would think that a formal complaint to CO/BSurg/CSM is somewhat overkill.  The member wants resolution at the lowest possible level. The member in question has suffered from hearing difficulty for a long period of time.  The member keeps being...
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    Patient Rights

    Unrelated (somewhat) question: If a member had a concern about the care (or lack thereof) for a condition they have complained about, but received nothing more than a "let's wait three months and see" when a specialist referral might be indicated, is there a mechanism at the various CF Health...
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    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    Thanks for the info! </tangent> We now return you to your not so hastily scheduled politically motivated lynching... Inside voice!  Inside voice, dammit!