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    IRP move as a 4b

    My husband released after his second contract in March 2020, as per the eligibility criteria for a move, he's a 4b which means he can move to his IPR. We sold our house and bought a new place in September 2021, we have submitted all expenses to Brookfield and they have only accepted $4055 of the...
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    question about getting the same schooling system at new post

    Our kids go to public school but it's a year round program. Basically, this means that they go to school for all of July. My husband has been posted and we have our place on the market with an offer on it. We were hoping to move in August but it looks like it'll be sooner. We are moving...
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    first stoker posting

    I have a couple of questions about my husbands first posting after completing his 3's. He obviously can't get any straight answers from anyone until it's time so I'm hoping that I can get some insight here. How soon before the end of his 3's is he likely to get his posting message? I've read...