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IRP move as a 4b


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My husband released after his second contract in March 2020, as per the eligibility criteria for a move, he's a 4b which means he can move to his IPR. We sold our house and bought a new place in September 2021, we have submitted all expenses to Brookfield and they have only accepted $4055 of the $63,000 claimed. He has been advised by Brookfield that this is all we are entitled to because he has less than 10 years service so his benefits fall under 14.5.06 which states almost all funding comes from custom which was maxed out at $3500. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?
Without knowing what they denied it is hard to give any advice. CAF RD 14.5.06 has it pretty well laid out what is core and custom:

For a member entitled under CAFRD 14.1.01 (Eligibility criteria table) to move to a place of enrolment, expenses that would otherwise be reimbursable from the Core Account are reimbursed from the Custom Account in respect of CAFRD:

  1. Chapter 4, except when returning from a location outside of Canada;
  2. 3.4.04 (Professional cleaning);
  3. 7.03(Rent or lease liability);
  4. 7.04 (Rent in advance of a move);
  5. 7.05 (Rental finding fees);
  6. 8.1.09 (Attending fees and power of attorney);
  7. 8.2.06 (Home inspections);
  8. 8.2.07 (Temporary Dual Residence Assistance (TDRA));
  9. 8.2.08 (Return trip to finalize sale);
  10. 8.2.09 (Real estate commission);
  11. 8.2.10(Private Sales);
  12. 8.2.11 (Legal fees and disbursements);
  13. 8.2.12 (Mortgage early repayment penalties (MERP));
  14. 8.2.13 (Home Equity Assistance (HEA));
  15. 8.3.05 (Interest on a short term loan);
  16. 8.3.06 (Home inspections);
  17. 8.3.07 (Bridge financing and lines of credit);
  18. 8.3.09 (Legal fees and disbursements);
  19. 8.3.10 (Mortgage Default Insurance (MDI));
  20. 8.3.11 (Reverse TDRA (RTDRA));
  21. 8.3.12 (Mortgage interest differential); and
  22. Section 9.4 – Sundry relocation expenses (all).
If what you are claiming is under those than you would quickly use up a custom envelope of $3500 so it is conceivable that they denied part of your claim IAW policy

If you think they are making a mistake then your husband can go through the release cell from his last base and have push the issue to DCBA