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    You Want To Be A Pilot : 2018 - present

    For DEO, yes. For CEOTP/ROTP, no.
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    BMOQ 2018 - Regular Force

    I didn't think I'd be starting BMOQ this year, but I'll be at the Sep 10 course. See some of y'all there.
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    Recruitement process

    Couldn't help myself ;D
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    Recruitement process

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    Recruitement process

    CFRC Det Barrie 705-735-3550 14 Cedar Pt Drive, Unit 1509, Barrie ON L4N 5R7 http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/caf-jobs-recruiting-centres.page
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    "So You Want To Be A Pilot" Merged Thread 2002 - 2018

    Just gonna throw in what little I can contribute here:
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    AEO Positions

    I would assume OP is talking about AERE?
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruiting Center: CFRC Toronto Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: DEO Trade Choice 1: Pilot Trade Choice 2: ACSO Trade Choice 3: Application Date: March 2016 First Contact: March 2016 CFAT Completed: Years ago TSD: May 2016 ASC: Early Oct 2017 Medical: Mid Oct 2017 Interview: Late Oct 2017...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    They now (or at least did last year) take measurements for pilots at ACS immediately following testing if you pass. So OP could've gone to ACS, passed, and then told after measurements that he would not be able to fly the hornet.
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    "So You Want To Be A Pilot" Merged Thread 2002 - 2018

    That could very well be true, but there's also the fact that internet forums are becoming a thing of the past.
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    This is what economists call "diminishing returns"  ;D
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    I think this is easier for those who aren't looking at PLT/ACSO/AEC as the big crucial life move. Whenever I started to feel stressed out by the test, I just thought to myself "What's the worst that could happen? I go back to my cushy office gig". But if you go into the ACS as a make it or break...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    I'm still in the application pipeline, but did went through ACS not too long ago. I come from a quantitative background, so I was able to get by on just a couple of days of doing DST practice - but I will say it does get better with practice no matter how good you are at arithmetic. You just...
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    Aircrew Medical costs for applicants

    That's interesting, I did ACS before any medical stuff.