Canadian Special Operations Force Command

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CANSOFCOM provides the Canadian Forces with agile, high readiness Special Operations Forces (SOF) capable of conducting special operations across the spectrum of conflict at home and abroad. Integrating special operations forces in this manner increases their impact in operations, as well as the range of options available to the government in the deployment of the Canadian Forces.

Colonel David Barr was named the first Commander of CANSOFCOM and has responsibility for the SOF transformation initiative.


On 1 Feb 06, CANSOFCOM HQ was stood-up. On that same day, the JTF 2 and the JNBCD Coy were transferred from command of the DCDS to CANSOFCOM, and 427 Tactical Helicopter Sqn in Petawawa was redesignated 427 Special Operations Aviation (SOA) Sqn and placed under the command of CANSOFCOM. The interim capability of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment was established in Petawawa over the summer of 2006. Personel were drawn from across Canada with 3 RCR prividing the primary source for the creation of CSOR.


  1. Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2)
  2. Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)
  3. 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron (SOA Sqn)
  4. Joint NBCD Company (JNBCD Coy)