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Beaver Bridge Launcher

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The Beaver is an armoured, fully tracked vehicle built on the chassis of a Leopard Tank. It is a highly mobile, rapidly deployable assault bridge that can be used to span natural and man-made obstacles on the battlefield. The vehicle’s 22 meter-long bridge can support vehicles as heavy as 60 tonnes over streams and anti-tank ditches.

The Beaver is powered by a V-10, twin super charged, 830 HP, multi-fuelled engine. It is equipped with an NBCD system that provides protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical agents. It is also equipped with eight smoke / HE grenade dischargers.

Specifications: Length: 11.82 m (with bridge) Width: 4.0 m (with bridge) Height: 3.57 m (with bridge) Weight: 45, 450 kg (with bridge) Bridge Length: 22.0 m Bridge Width: 4.0 m Width of Bridge Lane: 1.55 m Class of Bridge: 60 tonne Crew: 2-3 Engine: Multi-fuel engine, 10 cylinders, 830 hp Max Speed: 62 km/h Number in service: 9

Source DND: [1]

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