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Greetings Sir,
Trying to PM you, not sure if this the right way. Following the forum re: Mess Dress, not sure if you are interested in selling one of your kits. Just getting back from course, hence my late response. Thanks
Hey, was wondering if I could msg you about a relative CWO Ron Oliver - im a late family member and am trying to understand my family history
Hello Pharaoh,

I recently stumbled upon your post where you were seeking advice on choosing between a Logistics Officer and a Healthcare Officer. Interestingly, I find myself in the same situation now. Did you opt for the Logistics Officer position? If so, how has your experience been thus far? I'm hoping to connect with someone more experienced in these fields to make an informed decision.

Kind regards,
Hello Bread Guy. Do you have to be an active CAF member to get a MASS account? I am trying to sign up to the My RCN app.
The Bread Guy
The Bread Guy
Sorry, can't help you here - been out more than 30 years :)
Dear Sir Mike
I hope this message finds you well. I am currently in the process of preparing for the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) and would greatly appreciate your guidance and assistance.
As I embark on this journey to join the Canadian Armed Forces, I understand the significance of performing well on the CFAT. I am reaching out to you to kindly ask for any resources.
I wish people everywhere realized that not everyone learns in the same style as another. Accommodate.
Long shot here as it's been awhile, but did you have that email for public service leave with pay for TQ3?
Mr Pivo,

Thanks for your recent thoughts on nuclear submarines. To be clear, I am a former Navy Marine System Engineer with almost 30 years of experience in the Canadian nuclear industry. I know of what I speak. A nuclear program is incredibly expensive and complicated. Please don't think otherwise. It is not appropriate for Canada's military at this time.

Doctor says my health is fine and should not affect my future even though my blood levels are slightly abnormal.
Now questions are - Whats my hope of getting selected, Secondly how and where can i see the number of applications with whom i am competing with (any online stats page), thirdly how long is it taking now from here to receiving the enrollment ceremony arrival.