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Your daily 'thing to be afraid of'


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Between all the Covid nonsense...

Sending plane shipments of much needed PPE - only to find the planes empty...

Secretly buying up all of the PPE in Canada using groups of Chinese 'civilian agents' collecting the PPE & shipping it back to China at the direction of consulates

Taking a number of westerners hostage under the guise of being arrested as criminals, and holding them in harsh conditions with no chance of a fair hearing

Stealing classified and secret info on the F-35 and other projects (in all fairness, Lockheed probably shouldn't have posted them online...ugh),

Having Chinese agents trying to influence local and federal politics, and Chinese cyber-assets testing their abilities to shut down critical infrastructure here in NA. (Banking, water treatment plant in Florida, possible connection to a power outage last year in the US, etc)

^^ All things considered, giant parts of a rocket plummeting into us in an uncontrolled manner is probably the least shadiest thing China has done in recent memory


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And don't even get me started on ENGLISH muffins!

Now, these are English muffins