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Evening! I'm going to go on a limb and say I am in the wrong spot however I did look around and being recruiting related I figure here is best.

Anyways I am wondering if anyone has information related to how one would go about getting into doing public speaking primarily at schools for events or recruitment. I am a currently serving member at the rank of Cpl and while I'm not great at being the primary focus of a large crowd, I would like to improve prior to making my way to PLQ. Keeping in mind I have no interest in becoming a recruiter at a recruiting centre nor do I have interest in becoming a Public Affairs Officer. I simply would like to do smaller events speaking at something similar to a class of students or maybe at an assembly or recruiting booth type thing.

Does anyone have any advice or ideas in reguards to how one goes about this (Asside from the obvious go to your CoC or visit the PAOs, On leave just trying to get some info), tips on public speaking and or information and resources regarding current programs and events? Oh I am also Reg Force nor Reserve.

PS. I apologize in advance if this is misplaced and humbly request an administrator moves this post to the correct location.

Cheers and Happy New Years!  :nod:
Seek those opportunities and ask you CoC to support your participation.
Perhaps you should consider joining your local "Toast Masters" chapter. I've heard good things about the organizations' ability to develop public speaking skills.

You can also request from your CoC for opportunities to provide briefings and lectures, being what you are trying to prepare yourself for on PLQ.

.... you do realize you've replied to a post from 31 December 2019... it's over 18 months old.
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