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Wilkinson Sword Royal Canadian Artillery

Will M

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FS a near mint Royal Canadian Artillery officers sword for sale, RCA etched on the blade and the current monarchs cypher.
This is a Wilkinson made sword with case, both plated dress scabbard and leather field scabbard. 3 bar hilt, blade all as new.
Wilkinson made these swords as fighting swords not as current German made swords only for show. It also comes with a sword knot and is ready for parade.
I will sell this for $1000 which is less than new German made swords less the other scabbard, case and knot.
I'd rather have a British made Wilkinson sword than the current stuff being sold at kit shops, and no tax!
Pick up is possible for personnel in Ontario, possibly Kingston and Pet. since I live a few k's east of hwy 41 near Napanee.
This is a mint a sword as you will ever find for a Canadian regimentally marked Wilkinson.

I can email photos.


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I'd like to see this Wilkinson Royal Canadian Artillery sword go to a good home.

Price drop to $950 and shipping within Canada free.  This is only when paid in cash or certified bank draft.

If picking up in person the price is $900 cash.

This Wilkinson sword is made in the same manner as their past swords, it is a fighting weapon and the blade is:

Specification for Henry Wilkinson's "Sword Steel":
Carbon................0.90 to 1,00%
Silicon.................0.20% Maximum
Manganese..........0.15 to 0.35%
Sulphur...............0.02% Maximum
Phosphorous......... 0.02% Maximum
Sold.  My apologies if I have not answered messages as I'm rarely on this site and I do not get email notifications when a message is received here.
I will endeavour to check this site more frequently.