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White School - Pashmul

Dirty Patricia

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I am looking for any photos of the White School in Pashmul for a presentation I am doing.  Any photos and specifically an electronic copy of an aerial photo would be awesome.  PM me if you have any and I will givie you an email you can send them to.  Thanks.
I don't have any pics or maps of the area.

If you haven't read the CO's Dancing with the Dushman (http://www.cdfai.org/PDF/Dancing%20with%20the%20Dushman.pdf) I recommend you have a look. Certainly made me ...... think..... a lot.

RIP Chris, Vaughn, Bryce and young Dallaire.

Arte et Marte

I do have some photos of the area (including the rubble) from early 2010. They were taken from a LAV so aren't by any means pro quality. PM me your email and I'll try to get them to you by the end of the week.
There are some photos and diagrams of the area during Medusa in here:

(Make sure you credit and ask for usage if the presentation is going to be distributed)