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What is your military status?

What is your military or non military status?

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Civvie until 2008 hopefully. HoM, as you you will hear many more times, stay safe!
HitorMiss said:
Returned Full Duty as of yesterday...Redeploying to the sandbox in the next few days

+1 HoM....stick on the ice bud.
I am presently Airforce I was accepted into what I consider the best kept secret in the CF "AESop"
I go on my BAC in Apr 07 and can't wait.
Former Marine EngineerTech (stoker to the unitiated), I have served on steamers (Fraser,Skeena), O boats (Onondaga, Okanagan and Sub school "Olympus")
CPF (Winnipeg). Don't get me wrong I will never put the Navy down or those who serve in it, but I desperately needed a change in my career.
Oh I forgot, I did 1 whole year in the Reserve Artillery out of Regina.
So I can say I have worn all 3 uniforms.
Retired since 1995..after 21 years MOC 011..LdSH(RC) and RCD

To be honest I miss it..... :crybaby:
Joined the Reserves / 031 in 1999 / 2RNFLDR
Just finished helping out with EX Maple Guardian, worked as Field Support Troop / Transport (every so often)
Thinking of going Reg soon, we shall see :)
Civvy paramedic, joined the Reg force (Army) and currently on my QL3's.  What a ride!
Guess I need to update here now too.

19 Jun '91 to 5 Dec '06 ~ Reserve Naval Communicator (PO2 on release)

6 Dec '06 ~ transferred to Reg Force Aerospace Control Operator (A/Cpl)
Currently a Private (untrained) for the Artillery :rage:. I will be doing BMQ in January...looking forward to it...I guess ???

Steven89 said:
Currently a Private (untrained) for the Artillery :rage:. I will be doing BMQ in January...looking forward to it...I guess ???

Either you are or you are not....be enthusiastic otherwise you are setting yourself up to fail.
Kind of in the Student /Other Cat.

Currently a Safety Geek with the NWT Gov. And also a part time Emergency Management diploma Student.

Previously a R933 2000-2005, R031 1988-1991, cook 1993-1995

And I still miss it
Well, it seems a day job with DND was not enough. After two years of lurking on the site, bugging everybody with my silly questions, an attempted Pilot application, I am happy to say I was finally sworn in December 12th with the 30th Field Regiment RCA (the Bytown Gunners) in Ottawa. Thanks to everyone at army.ca for all of your help as well as the two MBdr's on the second floor at Dow's Lake who really went out of their way to help me get on board. Looking forward to Basic!
hello all. :)  I am med release (and so miss it)  15 years as an EME v teck.  25 svc bn, 2 rcha, 2 svc, 2 gs, a very small stint in the AB during the unpleasantness.  ASU Toronto, and Borden.  I am currently working for a consulate as a driver/security/anything else they put on my plate.  I am also now going to Wainwright ASU as a civ vtech.  And no clue what i am in for.  lol