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Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

Eye In The Sky said:
Is this for Officer VOT (the '0' OUTCAP for VOT)?

Unless something has changed, even RED trades were allowed "out".  It was only 0.5% of the TES but still.  I believe circa 2005 there was a policy from (then) DMCA for that; 2% TES for green, 1% for amber and 0.5% for red.

If no one is allowed 'out', how do they expect to feed needed blood into the remuster only trades?

Andraste meant in. Member is red trade, applies to trade that's closed for AVOTP, they will have to pick another trade or not apply for AVOTP that year.
So....when did THIS policy change happen?  Recent years' AVOTP Competition Messages stated 'all trades are open out...IAW the OUTCAP matrix" or words to that effect...
Eye In The Sky said:
So....when did THIS policy change happen?  Recent years' AVOTP Competition Messages stated 'all trades are open out...IAW the OUTCAP matrix" or words to that effect...

I assume its rare, but all the ISS numbers are available on the DWAN so might be easy to find out.
So from my local Base Personal Selecting Office .Officer AVOTP Offer should start coming out this week or next week. As for NCM looking at mid June before we start seeing offers.

Has anyone heard this timeline or a different one from their respective BPSO. ???
Looks like your BPSO might be a little off. My (Navy) unit has been receiving offers all day. I can confirm one VOT to LOG has been offered to an NCM friend of mine; as well, there is a message for myself to ATIS (element transfer) waiting for me when I return from leave. NAVCOM's have also confirmed about a dozen others they forwarded this morning.
Yeah ,you are right I called today they been starting to come in we receive 3 at my unit.I can confirm .one MP offer.

I am wondering if anyone received a offer for ACS yet.
Out of country right now with no access to the DIN anyone able to tell me the intake for NDT this year in the new production report?

Thanks for the help.
I noticed that there hasn't been any comments about anyone receiving a VOT offer since 30th of May. Is that accurate? Has anyone received an offer for anything since that time? If so what trades have been offered for VOT?

Thank you
I have not heard of any other offers, since the last I have posted. It looks like, I won't get a offer this year. I have send a request to access information to get the BPSO interview report .At least I will know if I even was competitive for this trade and I will be able to take the appropriated action next year.

its my first year submitting a AVOTP.Is there anybody here with more experience that would know ,ow late the avotp offer can be release.

talk to my clerk last week. I got told that they were in contact with the civilian employee at DCMPG and that they were still close to 300 message to draft and send they are expecting to have complete this by 15 July
I am unsure how reliable this info is but at this point I can really use a little hope
I received a reply from my clerk who sent an email to Ottawa today, this is the answer she received from them...

“If member has not received an offer message to date, they were not selected. Non selection message will follow once all transfer messages are complete”

Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop even though it doesn't look like anyone is paying attention to this forum anymore.....
There was a sample VOT memo in this thread.  However, I am not able to download it.  Does anyone have one they could send me. Thank you.