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Vienna - Complex attack / active shooters Nov 2nd 2020


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2020-11-02, Vienna Austria. Multiple shooters, multiple locations. This is still ongoing. What I can tell so far:

- Massive police operation underway in Vienna
- Lots of video snippets on Twitter, including one of waht may have been the start of the shooting with a person shot with a long arm then returned to and shot up close/potentially executed with a pistol.
- Attack sites rumoured to include restaurants (confirmed by video), potentially a synagogue and Jewish cultural site. Unclear if the Jewish sites were specific targets.
- One video of police rushing towards the threat, coming under fire, and at least one officer going down.
- One video of what looked like police on mopeds chasing/swarming a suspect who looks to be caught
- News reports of at least one fatality, at least one shooter dead.
- Rumours of potentially up to six attack sites with multiple additional casualties (likely true)
- Commentary on twitter of at least one attacker allegedly speaking Turkish.
- Most videos with visible attackers show them in long white robes. One long gun visible in one clip.

Very developing situation still.



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Article updated to add:

"Nehammer later told APA that the dead assailant, who had roots in the Balkan nation of North Macedonia, had a previous conviction under a law that punishes membership in terrorist organizations."