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Vacationing soldier shot in Barbados


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A Canadian couple has a harrowing story to tell after masked men broke into their Caribbean vacation home and shot one of them during a struggle.

Jonathan and Heather Hubble say the ordeal — in which he was shot and his wife performed first aid while waiting an hour for an ambulance — has brought them closer together, deepening their respect for each other and leaving them grateful they and their infant daughter are safe.

The Hubbles, who are both in the Army, were vacationing in Barbados last month when four masked men walked into the house they were sharing with other family members.

Heather was close to the door when the men walked in, armed with a machete and a pistol. The couple's daughter was playing on the floor. The rest of the family was upstairs.

"The first thing I could think of was my daughter was between the two of us. So I went to grab her right away. And they said stop," she told CBC News in an interview from the couple's home in Petawawa, Ont.

The man with the gun watched closely, but allowed her to pick up her daughter. She gave the men some cash and they grabbed her iPhone as they started to leave.

"Then a couple seconds later I heard a shot," she said.

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