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USS America


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The America is a pretty awesome ship but I am not sure if the concept is sound.You have to have control of the air prior to any amphibious op.With an all air amphib you wont be carrying tanks,those will be operated from other ships.


Over the past years, the Marines have gotten progressively heavier and heavier. Their vehicles have grown bulkier with additional modules and armor, their packs crammed with more gadgets, their logistics dependent on bulldozers. The America, dependent on air lifts, won't be able to carry these items, and they'll have to be outsourced to other ships with well decks.

But the America isn't unique in abandoning well decks and rethinking the role of Amphibious Assault Ships — Japan's Izumo-class helicopter destroyer has the same idea.

Just about 200 feet shorter than a full-on Nimitz class flat top, the Izumo is a large helicopter carrier with just two 20-mm Phalanx close-in weapons systems and two SeaRAM missile launchers for defense. Thusly the Izumos will rely on the aircraft on board to protect them, but that's where they have a trick up their sleeve.

Both Japan and the US await the full readiness of the F-35B short-takeoff vertical-landing platform. Business Insider has reported extensively on how this aircraft will provide game-changing capabilities to militaries, and also make these ships that traditionally carried helicopters and harrier jets into full fledged aircraft carriers.